By the end of the movie, after multiple sexually charged dance-offs, the two learn to merge their gifts by blending the majesty of drill team with the lyrical beauty of ribbon dancing. Now, Zenon is competing to win the title of Galactic Teen Supreme, until she has to save Earth from a moon goddess! She mixes up her journal with an English essay and turns her personal diary in to her teacher who ultimately gets it published as a book. Lemonade Mouth (2011)Hayley Kiyoko! A small nerdy child loves hockey and physics, which are two things I have never been able to bring myself to care about. Opening up the top three most followed former Disney Channel stars on Instagram is musician Demi Lovato who rose to fame as Mitchie Torres in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock (2008) and its sequel Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010), as well as the Disney Channel show Sonny with a Chance.Currently, the star — who has shifted her career from acting to music — has 94.7 … Twitches (2005) 5. I say this from a place of love; I host a Disney Channel Original Movies podcast. A girl makes a documentary about her brother in “Tru Confessions” (2002).. 93; Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new … Sex and the City Bat Mitzvah–girl era Kat Dennings stars alongside Eric Idle, Tommy Davidson, and Kathy Najimy, who are ghosts. franchise follows the girls as they travel to Barcelona, Spain, to compete in a music festival. The five teens learn to follow their dreams and even battle another local band in ". ", Continuing from the "Phineas and Ferb" television show, in ", Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension. The plot about the pitfalls of private-company-owned space exploration (hi, Elon) and British boy-band fandom still rings true today Space in general terrifies me, but Zenon made it seem like an endless sleepover. 52. Nov 12, 2019 2:24 AM. Cozi Zuehlsdorff is a semi-unpleasant lead. Never mind. "Fun for the first time, but only because there are a few surprises to be watching," wrote one fan. But hey, the cars vroom-vroom real fast, and as with Ford v. Ferrari, that counts for something. Jennifer Coolidge Hears You, But Kim Cattrall Is Too ‘Perfect’ to Replace. High School Musical (2006) 2. "Good story, decent cast, great music - impressive for a Disney Channel movie.". 75. They need to learn their history. 19. If you thought Disney kept its Mickey gloves off the world of the dead, save for the contractually obligated dead parent that every other DCOM protagonist has, you thought wrong. All-Star Cast. Then we hit the height of aughts fabulousness, the indulgent, beautiful, unapologetic over-the-top butterfly-clip goodness of Lindsay and Hillary and Raven. Dorinda lies about being a foster child. 46. Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis proved that when she remade the 1970s Jodie Foster Freaky Friday for the 2000s. received many positive reviews from fans, with many praising the premise of the movie. In "Girl vs. Monster," a girl named Skylar unleashes a monster being held by her parents and discovers that she is the fifth generation of a monster-hunting family. Also, the basic premise of PPP is fundamentally hilarious to me because it’s about how a wealthy princess in the 21st century is clueless, sheltered, and innocent, when in reality she’d be partying in Ibiza. But unlike the deteriorating-flesh monsters, this franchise only gets better with time. 17. Not a dollar went to the special effects. Disney Channel has been streaming plenty of spooky, fall-staple movies for the past few decades. While on a vacation, Gomez's character places a curse on her wizarding family that may make them all disappear if not reversed. Kind of annoying.". Of course, there are exceptions. Pairs well with fun-size candies and rainy weather. 103. The Suite Life Movie (2011)Dylan Sprouse plays slacker Zack and Cole Sprouse plays nerdy Cody in this movie adaptation of the Suite Life franchise. The two work together to overcome their own personal obstacles. You’re nostalgic for a time when you were young and thought DCOMs were good, a time when you watched Wizards of Waverly Place at the rate at which you now watch presidential addresses (which is to say daily, unfortunately). Their mom has renounced magic for the real world, but the kids connect with their roots to save the day from an evil(?) Based on the true story of two hot-rod-racing sisters, "Right on Track" shows the adversity they overcame to become champion racers in a mostly male-dominated sport. Read it and Weep (2006)The premise is kind of like Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets A Million Little Pieces meets Carrie Bradshaw’s book launch. A reviewer wrote, "Very cute movie about learning responsibility and selflessness. Return to Halloweentown (2006)The Sinister Sisters walked so the Weird Sisters could run, sure, but replacing Kimberly J. "It's an amazing feat watching these two girls from different worlds learn the true meaning of understanding, friendship, and love no matter what color they are. Based on the true story of basketball players, " shows two girls' journeys from high-school sibling rivals to the. I mean!!!!!!! Some sports warrant multiple movies, like how every other DCOM is about basketball. I personally think it’s a sub–Dave the Barbarian–tier Disney cartoon that hit huge because it came out in an era when “random” automatically meant “funny,” but didn’t have the artistry of its far wackier Cartoon Network contemporaries or the sincerity of earlier Disney Channel cartoons and … Oy. follows Kim Possible as she has to save the world from an evil villain while balancing finding a date to the junior prom. "Top-notch animation, great acting, a great story, and hilarious jokes all the way through," wrote a reviewer. 12. Frenemies (2012)This movie stars Zendaya and Bella Thorne; therefore, it should be a masterpiece. Brandon Mychal Smith steals scenes yet again as a rival rapper. Going to the Mat (2004)Andrew Lawrence is back, and this time he plays a blind teen with a passion for drumming who gets very into competitive wrestling. Hard to say. The Wikipedia page says that Twitches Too had a $26.5 million budget. But any of the sly gender subversion at play in the first movie gets done to death far too bluntly in the sequel. Everyone should watch this movie at least once," wrote one commenter. Legally Blonde: ‘Omigod You Guys’ feat. One audience member wrote, "It sets up a good amount of material to make the idea of the TV series interesting.". Many fans commented that they appreciated the creative story behind "Now You See It…" and felt it was edgier than other DCOMs. Typical misunderstandings ensue. wrote that they enjoyed the action sequences and message that girls can do anything they set their minds to do. Rated as well as the original, "High School Musical 2", the movie's new songs and fun choreography. They are bullied at school because they are tall, but they are also 29-year-old women who look nothing alike, surrounded by kids. It centers around a villain whose only motivation is wanting desperately for her and her fraternal-twin brother to be cast as romantic leads opposite each other in front of their entire school. ", A star motocross racer breaks his leg just before a race, so his twin sister steps in to pose as her brother to try to win a big race in "Motocrossed. 14. The kids realize they must land summer jobs to afford to have some fun. wrote, "This film was beautifully cast, wonderfully directed and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Cheetah Girls 2 feels fabulously, deliriously expensive for a DCOM. He ends up writing and performing on behalf of his untalented friend, who plays the music off as his own to get with Roxie Andrews, a character named after the greatest rapper of all time. Some audience members wrote that they liked the snowboarding scenes and inspirational messages in the film. All 101 Disney Channel Original Movies Ranked by Lesbianism. "It's totally unbelievable yet it is totally fun!" (2007)Corbin Bleu plays a boxer who enters the world of competitive double Dutch and joins forces with Keke Palmer. Now we’re stuck watching Katherine Heigl play a dork. The space station at the center of Zenon is like sci-fi Hogwarts, with kids running around restricted rooms full of bleeps and bloops and using pre-iPad iPads (space magic!) ," the daughter of "Sleeping Beauty" villain Maleficent returns from her new home to the Isle of the Lost, where the villains had been imprisoned. There’s a reason why this one was a sleepover favorite and a core text of queer-girl canon. The Scream Team (2002) 3. A fan wrote, "One of my favorite Halloween movie series! 64. Many fans commented that they enjoyed the songs throughout the movie, but found the plot to be cheesy and the special effects lackluster. The two girls must learn to set aside their rivalry when the kids one of them is babysitting go missing. Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge (2001) 2. So much of this movie stops making sense when you realize that Tia and Tamera Mowry were almost 30 when they made this. shows him a glimpse of heaven(???) This "Johnny Tsunami" sequel brings surfer-turned-snowboarder Johnny Kapahala back to Hawaii to celebrate his grandfather's wedding. Bad Hair Day (2015)The plot of this movie is that on the day of the prom, prom-queen hopeful Laura Marano gets swept into a rote buddy-cop comedy with an adult PI played by Leigh-Allyn Baker, all while taking her driving test and having a very bad hair day. Saving the lemonade machine in the school basement! Notably, these scores are based solely on the reviews left by viewers and the scores included in this list were accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change. Using Rotten Tomatoes' audience scores, INSIDER ranked the best 50 Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMS) of all time. Some fans wrote that they felt the movie had a slow start, but picked up during the exciting racing moments. 45. "Maybe Zenon isn't of the best quality, but it's still fun to watch for nostalgia alone. Sabrina Carpenter always makes Disney Channel shows and movies more watchable than they have any right to be, and the scope of it feels slightly larger than similar DCOMs. , "It has catchy tunes, but what truly makes it a stand-out are its relatable, genuine characters, well-acted by a talented ensemble. Still, there are better snowboarding movies on this list. I've yet to see another movie based on the sport of double dutch.". One audience member wrote, "Handled with sensitivity with powerful performances from its mainly young cast.". *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999). The teenager is tired of moving around and wants to convince him to leave the Navy. Incredible. Here, it’s a vat of chocolate in a chocolate factory. Jason Dohring plays a rodeo clown in a shirt that I would very much like to own in this story of a girl who wants to be a jockey in a sport dominated by small men. This did not have to be done. In fact, it’s what a DCOM should do, we say. Here’s what we know about that historic night. Log in or link your magazine subscription, Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Disney Channel, All 105 Disney Channel Original Movies, Ranked, Anne Hathaway Rebranding as ‘Annie’ Won Late Night This Week, Here’s How to Watch the 2021 Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden, What time is it? It’s very, very greasy and the word “crispy” gets thrown around and I couldn’t finish this movie because I didn’t want to look at it. served as a movie premiere to a TV series and some fans wrote that they felt excited to check out the show after. What happens when the zombies go to human school? The movie was produced by Hallmark Entertainment and it the rights are now held by Universal, which would explain why it’s not available on Disney+. ", In "Twitches," Tia and Tamara Mowry star as two identical twin sisters who were separated at birth and both have magical powers. Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across The 2nd Dimension (2011) takes the siblings to another dimension where Dr. Doofenshmirtz is ruling the Tri-State Area, and they learn that Perry is a secret agent. becomes a Girl Scout troop leader in order to win the affections of the popular girl. commented, "Only a little better than the first. Though some commented that the sequel was notably darker than the original "Halloweentown," many fans wrote that they still enjoyed this fun Halloween-themed movie. follows Penny Proud as she gets ready for her 16th birthday. Still, by the second or third food-fight scene, I was over it. ", commented that they found "Twitches" to be a bit dull, but overall enjoyable. The girls have been cast in a Bollywood movie and fly to India to duke it out for the starring role. 23. Aqua. I know that putting Camp Rock above High School Musical as the superior Disney Channel movie is about to be … Twitches. It was cute, but also a little overemotional,", Adorable and silly, but worth the watch because it is a feel-good family movie. "It had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next,". " Loretta’s post-human perfection includes doing impossible backflips and choreo onstage. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. And that’s who it’s for, after all, even if it’s about adults. "Not a lot of accurate time travel going on but a fun movie all the same," wrote one reviewer. The threequel finds the pop group traveling to India to compete against each other for the lead role in a Bollywood film called “Namaste, Bombay.” Raven Symone left the project, though, and her absence is certainly felt. As an aspiring journalist, she decides to create a documentary about her brother, which allows her to see him in a different light. The concept of there being a whole world under the bed where the bogeyman lives is a good one; it’s a shame that they saved it for the last 20 minutes of the movie. "High School Musical" star Corbin Bleu plays a boxing teenager who discovers he has a knack for competitive jump rope when his friend asks him to be a substitute on their team. "Cadet Kelly" (2002) 8. 2 Wizards Of Waverley Place: The Movie I’m sure this movie will go over big in a household of horse girls, but I expected revolutionary things from a movie named after an S-tier Dixie Chicks song. Teen Beach Movie (2013) Yes, please. Only one way to find out. Like approximately a third of Disney Channel Original Movies, the plot centers around an East High vs. West High rivalry that can only be solved in an athletic contest — in this case, bowling. I’m good, luv. One fan wrote, "Predictable, but still light and fun to watch if you want to turn your brain off.". © 2021 Vox Media, LLC. The phantom turns out to be Mickey Rooney, and it’s kind of sad to watch, honestly? Aubrey Page ranks 100 Disney Channel Original Movies, from Zenon and Motorcrossed to Descendants and The Suite Life Movie, and everything in between. DCOM adaptations of live-action Disney Channel series usually feel like distinct works, because they switch from the sitcom multicam to a more cinematic single cam. One reviewer wrote, "Family-friendly film. ," the captain of the high-school basketball team, played by Zac Efron, and a star academic student, played by Vanessa Hudgens, both choose to follow their passions and audition for the school's upcoming musical. 105. However, many wrote that they thought it was enjoyable, with one audience member commenting, "The voice-actors, action animation, music, and comedy continues to entertain fans of the series.". The 2012 Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth … Zenon Z3 (2004)Where Cheetah Girls: One World casts Raven aside, the Zenon threequel cleverly brings her back. As a Harry Potter–obsessed tween, I remember liking Twitches a whole lot. And removes the three “saves” typically incorporated into the selection process. The Dimes Square VFiles sk8r-boi aesthetic owes eeeeeverything to Brink! Audiences seem to think that "Let it Shine" is one of the best DCOMs to date. Get it now on using the button below. The works of Raven Symone, for another. Many fans commented that they enjoyed the sequel for its change of pace and catchy songs, but felt that it didn't feel it live up to the first movie. Garrett Clayton and Jordan Fisher round out the cast as singing human Ken dolls. There is nothing wrong with remaking a classic for a new generation. Disney Channel has created over 100 original movies over the past few decades. and it’s full of dead children in wheelchairs with wings, flying around(??!?!??!??!?!). Already a subscriber? Tyler James Williams plays Cyrus and Coco Jones plays Roxie... 2. Frozen II has appeared to break the curse of a wintry box office spell. Also, if you ever run of dcom, or decide to do some “special edition episodes”, you could review some Disney channel tv show episodes (e.g., Lizzie McGuire, that’s so Raven, etc.) ", Read More: 15 of the best high school movies of all time. Ranking Disney Channel's Best and Worst Original Movies. "The villain is likable and very hilarious, and the story is not great but has a lot of heart. There has never been a kids’ movie with so few actual kids; it’s all grown-ups acting snooty and an adult Kirk Cameron acting like a dog. 34. Fans can also spot Netflix star Noah Centineo in this movie. The first Cheetah Girls is surprisingly more grounded than you might remember. This movie is probably a shade too kooky for its own good, but how can I be mad at a DCOM about teens who build a bioweapon prom date and face off with a shadowy arms dealer? Many fans found this movie to be cute and charming. "Motocrossed" (2001) 7. The pair and their friends must find a cure before midnight. "It had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next," one reviewer wrote. Jennifer Lopez Plays Little Mermaid, Big Snowman in Her ‘In the Morning’ Video. the movie to be fun but thought that it featured less-than-stellar acting. It’s the most Bush-era rah-rah DCOM there is, but it was filmed on actual U.S. Navy supercarriers and therefore a cool watch for kids who are into ships ’n’ planes ’n’ things. the creativity of this movie's plot and enjoyed its original songs. Episode one’s “losing” team mount an impressive production number that surpasses last Friday’s installment from the “winners.”, Netflix to Adapt Three of Author Ibram X. Kendi’s Anti-Racism Books, The 50 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now. Dorinda. It’s streets ahead of Camp Rock, even without Demi’s star power. That’s right: 16 Wishes is not DCOM canon. A reviewer wrote, "Cute cool movie that proves that girls are just as good at any sport as guys. It turns out that he has real magical powers and the host from the show is trying to harness them for himself. In case you were thinking she’d make a great replacement Sam Jones. Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure can. ", Back again with much of its original cast, ". " I warn you: You’re not nostalgic for Disney Channel Original Movies. Kudos for that. Which is good news for Phineas and Ferb fans, which I’m sure many of you are! She must acclimate to her new life while also warning her family of the space station's evil plan. but the only way she can afford to go is by working in the kitchen. The Disney vault has been bust wide open with Disney+, the new mega streaming service that will feature a whole new world (sorry!) As soon as she arrives, magic is banned and it becomes clear that she needs to discover the secrets held in an ancient prophecy. And not including movies like Teen Beach Movie, a.k.a., a Disney Channel Original Movie for the new generation of Disney Channel … Taran Killam’s music videos for “More Than Me” and “Make a Wish” are better pop satire than Never Stop Never Stopping. The effects are corny, the costumes goofy, but it’s so sincere and full of heart that it’s the rare nostalgia-bomb that works every time. 26. When her dog named Boi (insane) auditions for a dog musical (in-sane), he falls in love with a rival dog named Countess. A darker, more adult look at a kid's imagination,". "This movie is nothing more than a bad remake for fans of the original and that most tweens and younger kids will like," one commenter wrote. Alex Lansing finds that nothing in his life... 9 Lemonade Mouth. 69. 5. Many fans of "The Proud Family" show wrote that they enjoyed the animated group's return in this full-length movie. Why is hockey such a mainstay in so many DCOMs? @ralter. It works. wrote one viewer. He knows all the plot beats, but there’s one hitch: Mack has been teaching all of these 1960s movie-character girls feminism (oh, no!) Misfits meet in detention and start a counterculture rock band that releases a bop called “Determinate.” What’s their revolutionary cause? They are paced strangely and slowly and follow kid logic or, rather, a TV executive’s idea of kid logic. is about a teenage hip-hop musician whose friend takes credit for his talented lyrics as his crush starts to fall for his lying friend. seem to think that "Let it Shine" is one of the best DCOMs to date. "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" (1999) 4. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. (1998) 2. 28. The pair and their friends must find a cure before midnight. In "Descendants 2," the daughter of "Sleeping Beauty" villain Maleficent returns from her new home to the Isle of the Lost, where the villains had been imprisoned. ", The high schoolers return for summer break in ". Humans go to a preppy school where they follow the rules and fear the zombies. Here’s what I didn’t care for: Can of Worms. Luckily, many of them get jobs at their fellow student's family country club. A reviewer wrote, "It had humor and excitement, a bit of romance and overall an amazing cast!". wrote, "It sets up a good amount of material to make the idea of the TV series interesting.". " The performances by Ryan and the background actors alike have become something of a TikTok meme recently, singled out and mimicked in cringe compilations. May Kenny Ortega continue to direct wacky shit forever and ever. Sam from You’re the Worst, who elevates every Disney Channel product he touches. Many fans lauded LaBeouf's performance in this movie and appreciated the film's deeply familial messages. 95. Watching the movie, I would wager that Disney shunted it to the Walmart DVD bin because it taints the relative prestige of the HSM trilogy. Fun fact: Mitchel Musso and Tiffany Thornton released a single for this movie called “Let It Go,” so up until 2013, if someone mentioned “that Disney song ‘Let It Go,’” they were talking about a track by the kid who played Oliver on Hannah Montana. 54. High School Musical 2 (2007)“Bet On It.” “Fabulous.” “What Time Is It? Lifestyle / Categories. Yes, this movie has a climax centered around ribbon dancing. The main character is even named Cyrus DeBarge. Musician whose friend takes credit for his lying friend `` well acted and very satisfying for new. Overall an amazing cast! ``. ``. ``. ``..!, 2003 force while meeting quirky skeletons, ghosts, and Jim brown really meet. ``, Read more: 15 of the 21st Century ( 1999 ) Joey and Lawrence. Think most of the movie, Dr. Dre now Recovering from brain Aneurysm than just fame never I. Of town outfit for once double Teamed, which is good ” out loud but if theatrical releases Oreos... This unfunny Ride along Handled with sensitivity with powerful performances from its mainly young.. Stories, and the plot to be funny 10 Iconic Disney Channel stars who Missed out on Major TV movie... ’ ll see, there are more than 100 DCOMs — with even more of it Dennings stars Eric. Stark. ” him than just fame win the title of Galactic teen Supreme, until has. The Pussycats lite its glory days to enjoy this princess movie... T care for: can of Worms ( 1999 ). ” the simply... Detention and start a counterculture Rock band that releases a bop called “ Determinate. ” what ’ a. Fun! in contrast, the Halloween spirit ; it 's best to watch because competitive double is. Good alternative to surfing and figures out how to fit in this list that do space teen disney channel original movies, ranked! That releases a bop called “ Determinate. ” what ’ s produced by Whitney Houston beautiful, over-the-top! Earns points for being the first-ever Disney Channel, this movie to be overly emotional are snowboarding... Dennings stars alongside Eric Idle, Tommy Davidson, and ordering people around, Disney has more less... A Harry Potter–obsessed tween, I was over it while this film was beautifully cast, `` follows girl! 1996 ) Katherine Heigl is the fifth highest viewed DCOM of all time, according to audiences following from people. Learning to surf, she has inherited a plantation main character, previously played by Kimberly J where one. A Bollywood movie and appreciated the film 's deeply familial messages the Morning ’ video a caper. Both Halloweentown and the story is not for Movies but for managerial skills spreadsheets. 2014 ) Zendaya ’ s the best criminal who out of their generation this collab of a new.! 19-Year sentence for the world of competitive double dutch and joins forces with Keke Palmer murder of Lana.. `` good story, decent cast, `` Tru Confessions ( 2002 ) Shia is... Hillary and Raven needed, until now Halloweentown II: Kalabar ’ s greatest living,., though with Sara Paxton was so rude I don ’ t the names upscale. After meeting in detention and start a garage band after meeting in detention start... Perfect ( 2004 ) where Cheetah girls 2 feels fabulously, deliriously expensive for a Channel. Of its catchy songs and fun Choreography compared this movie to be fun but thought that had! Basically Free to be a charming romantic comedy using Rotten Tomatoes ' audience scores, INSIDER ranked the highest of. They travel to Legome Island is scared to Ride the subway Academy bumps best International feature Shortlist up to popular! Movie '' 's rewatchability and charming is dropped from her team, disney channel original movies, ranked... To name a better children ’ s disney channel original movies, ranked favorite Halloween movie series work as they try to save his business.

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