I have also used a polyurethane varnish as well as the gel for a final coat to see if that would provide a more robust finish. Hi Will, I am doing a Frank Lloyd Wright’s leaded glass painting (72wx24h) in watercolor using a 300lb paper. Hope this helps, Hi Will! I often find myself adding a bit more retarder than suggested to extend the working time, and like you said in the videos, water doesn’t work too well when working on canvas for thinning paint out, so I thought Open Medium could be a possible solution to both those problems. Cheers, Will, Q Will, I want to put 10-15 coats of clear glazing for top coat over collage cutout Mylar piece. I have been experimenting with acrylic transfers for the last couple weeks, all black and white from a laser jet printer. what mediums would be the best to use and how would I use them? I have been using the “Liquitex- gloss heavy gel” for collage. In fact I don’t even recall you spraying your paints to keep them wet during painting. Hey Will, I was wondering what sort of medium or techniques I should use to create a fog effect on a window or mirror, I am primarily working in acrylics. Hey Will, Hope you’re doing well. Use a palette knife to apply 1-2 coats, with each coat 1/16"-1/8" thick, allowing the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next (approximately 24-48 hours) This has been soooo Helpful! I am looking for a way to seal the cork. I want to paint the bottle green, translucent and with a slight shine/gloss so that you can still see the contents of the bottle. OTHER PROTECTIVE CLOTHING OR EQUIPMENT: None required under normal use. Any comments? My question is about Acrylic Flow Enhancer. I have sculpted a white marble lying polar bear, about 10″ long. Hi Joanie, I don’t use a retarder and spray on many of the demos but if I’m working on a larger a painting I will mist the paints with a water mister when they are in a stay-wet palette, you can add a touch of retarder to the water and it can help if working in a dry and hot environment. if so would you apply after stretching the paper or would you use some other medium? Hi Will, I am trying to do a wet on wet watercolour grounding for a pastel painting (hard pastels). Conforms to ASTM D4236. I want to create a splatter effect in which the splattered paint has a stringy web-like consistency, and retains texture. 1) you can use the gel in any ratio, its just getting a balance between the opacity (more paint) or the coverage (more gel). Thoughts, how to, any help at all, please??? When using retarder it’s better used sparingly that too much as it doesn’t contain any binding agents. Just working through the website and learning an awful lot! Thank you. Cheers, Will. If you wanted the semi-gloss sheen without the raised texture you could paint over just the lines with a semi-gloss gel. (I don’t wish to embed them in a uniform strata of gel, but almost a coating that will preserve them into a canvas but let me paint on and around them. What do you suggest for this? Available in gloss or matte sheens, these mediums will unify the natural sheen of each pigment while increasing the viscosity of the acrylic paint it is being mixed with. I have a picture has some texture, looks like painting but it is not. My concerns are to keep the red wine color intact and to also preserve the cork itself. Instead of diluting it with water you use it neat, straight from the tub. Hi Ashley, all mediums are usually of a white base, and the inclusion into black can cause a slight greying of the colour, but not too much. Will. To thin the paint, mix a drop or two of water into it. Is it ok if I use soft gel instead of glazing liquid? Hi Semira, yes you just need to use a clear gel. Liquitex Gel Mediums extends colour and adds body to acrylic paint. Much appreciated. Anyways, thank you for the quick reply. Hi! All looks nice and moist and beautiful. Can I use Airbrush medium to create multiple thin layers of transparent color? Suggestion on how to experiment and with what? Thus far I’ve had good results cutting out the image and applying a thin coat of Omnigel medium texture transfer gel to wood, stone and textures plastic. New! There is so much advice on surfaces that I am really confused. HA! You might find this video helpful that looks at the difference between Golden Gels and Pastes. I want to do a craft project on small canvas panels to stick cutouts of fabric, stock paper, beads and buttons. I AM USED TO ACRYLICS WHICH DRY PRACTICALLY INSTANTLY. Pro tip: I use the gloss version of the glazing liquid because on semi-gloss and matte versions, the matting agent contained within the medium can sometimes cause a milky finish, especially on very dark, black areas of a painting. Cheers, Will. HAVE YOU EXPERIMENTED WITH THE GLASS BEAD GEL YET? Cheers, Will. SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS! I had already noticed this in my work through using different brands of acrylic paint (i have Golden, Liquitex and W&N). If conditions warrant, a vapor respirator for protection against ammonia may be used. If so, would I be able to do any glazing on top of the gel afterwards? I am wanting to add texture to my canvas and then paint over it. There are bumpy areas. Mix up to 50% into acrylic color to keep color and opacity the same (more than 50% will act as a pale tinting white) Apply with a brush as a collaging glue. Is that true? Just hate to waste real gold trying it out because of the cost. I’m using Golden products, and these particular Gels were amongst the oil materials so I assumed they could be used as an oil “finish,” not necessarily a medium (which was not my intention anyways). Embrace your creativity and explore your artistic spirit with the addition of gel mediums to your acrylic painting projects. CAN YOU USE A HEAT GUN, OR IS THAT A NO-NO ALSO?? Hi Crystal, yes, you can use airbrush medium as an extender, or even work with fluid or high flow colours that come premixed into a fluid form. You can add clear tar gel (from golden paints) into gels and it will help as a leveller. I’m guessing I can clear coat the collage with a gel/medium to protect that image and then go about painting on top of that. My local art store was stumped. Wood this work on a gourd if I use gesso for grip? Also a water mister is used sometimes to create drip lines – would that be water ? It takes a very long time for this to dry clear. Should I opt for artist range .? Am I right to use a texture paste for the sticking part? Thanks a bunch :). What am I doing wrong? I’ll have a read up on varnishing too. Hope my question was clear and precise ! I tried to read through all the questions/answers above, but couldn’t find anything about my needs, hence the long email of questions. I enjoy using different mediums to obtain the desired look for a piece I create. You might find this palette knife tutorial of interest to get you started. Do you think painting glazing liquid gloss on top will restore the sheen. An isolation coat helps to separate your painting from a final varnish layer and protect your painting from the atmosphere. Now, how much of GAC should I put into the mixture? Cheers, Will, Hi will, Thank you for the info. Hi Lin, not really , I would just mix us a few ‘tester mixes’ onto a palette, varying and making note of the different amounts of water added and then test these on some paper/canvas. Hi Natasha, if you’re working with acrylics you don’t need to use gesso, you can apply the paint straight to the canvas, it will just give you a different effect. This is a nice paper painting and I don’t want to ruin it. Have been trying wetting the area with a warm, damp cloth then scratching at it and sanding it, rubbing at it. Cheers, Will. Using 1 part white paint 1 part Talc 1/2 part PVA Glue. You can use a self-levelling gel such as ‘Self Leveling Clear Gel‘ from Golden paints which you can pour over the surface. Hi Fran, I’d usually just use water to start with so the canvas absorbs the wash, but then might include a gel later on in the painting to add texture or change the consistency of the paint alongside the water. Thank you Regards . When mixed with quality acrylics, this versatile matte medium extends paint volume, increases open time, and adds body to your favorite paints. I would like to make the same painting in all black and then a third with alternating rows of gloss and matte peaks (still all black), but of course the white medium turns the black, grey. Mix with Gloss Gel to create a custom satin finish. This is my first try at painting with Acrylics (Golden) on a Board (Ampersand Gesso board), and it is large (3’x4′) and it’s not going well. Liquitex-Matte Ultra Gel Medium. Hi Joan, yes you can combine mediums together to create a mix and flow that works for you. Cheers, Will. So even though 2 gels could have the same thickness and consistency (often referred to as viscosity) they would behave very differently depending on if a ‘rheology thickener’ had been added. It also increases the drying time, giving the artist more time to create the desired effects. I would try it out on a couple of test pieces first, (it’s rrp in the u.k is around £10 for 400ml). Hi Andrea, not sure how much of the salt would stay, but a clear self levelling gel would hold it. Carefully peel off your photo from the nonstick surface and place it in a bowl of water. My first question is… would Golden Matte Medium do the trick? Can you help me with this? Or do I need to mix the texture paste with something so the clay will stay on more securely? I am a self taught artist. Thanks in advance for your advice! You can apply the layers with the soft gel gloss and then add a final finishing layer of satin varnish to unify the look. Any suggestions of what medium to use and how? Abena, the best thing to use for clear spheres would be a resin, poured in once you have created a mould, you might find this video of interest that goes through the process of creating a resin sphere. Hi Peggy, you could apply the photos with a gel and mod podge, yu might find this video helpful about creating wooden picture transfer images. I also wondering if Liquitex Basics Acrylic is already heavy body type . Hi Cindy, I would try a sample with the Golden Top Coat and the Mod Podge to see if there is any adverse reactions. Mix as much as you like into acrylic color to create the consistency and transparency you want - the more you add, the more transparent your color will become. Cheers, Will, Hi Will. I know they sell this for oils but I want to know if I could use the water soluble white under an oil painting, Thanks so much. I use Soft Gel Gloss & Glazing Liquid Gloss on 90% of my acrylic paintings. I hope you dont mind my asking, I am new to all this! Will. Paint film: Creating a layer of paint than ‘holds together’, if too watery an acrylic paint film can often not hold in a thin layer it can separate out. Can be thinned by diluting with up to 25% water - distilled water will give best results. You can see it in this video around the 50 second mark. Here’s where I could really use your help, Will. Hi Cheryl, the best way to improve the drying time of oils is to mix in a ‘Alykd medium’ such as Liquin from Winsor & Newton. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Can i use some medium to get the desired effect still keep the strength of the pigment. This should help prevent pages sticking together (a gloss finish would be the most suitable for non stickiness but it depends on the aesthetic finish you’re after, it comes in a matt finish also. you could also use a coarse pumice gel which will add texture, but won’t hold peaks aswell. Imagine the isolation coat as a clear sheet of glossy film, whatever it is laid on top of will appear glossy. Hi Lin, if the medium is too thick you just need to add some water to the mix, stir it together and try pouring it again until you get a nice flow. This all is soooo informative. Many thanks! “…but it wouldn’t be used in replace of a retarder.” Does it just not extend it as long? There must be a reliable way of doing this? I would try a couple on some test pieces of metal and see how permanent the process is, for images onto metal I always used to work using a etching process but this needs a few more chemicals. Save this search. Thanks for this interesting article. I am working on a journal and my pages are getting stuck together! Spray can give you the most even finish with no visible brush marks but you’ll have more loss of product, it’s a touch more expensive. I am painting a night sky, and I want to create a distinction between stars and clouds to show that the stars are further away, while also ensuring that they are the focus of the painting. I’m currently taking adult education classes in painting and drawing, and am doing quite a lot of painting at home now. i have been sending to USA for many of the Golden mediums and gels however most of them have become so thck/hard that they are (apart from delving to bottom of lg container) have become basically unusable. I am working on an abstract right now in which I want to create a “dripping” effect with the paint. The acrylic medium that can also be used to great effect for collage techniques is “Golden – Soft Gel Gloss”. Hi Gloria, Yes, you can mix retarder and water to spray onto your paints. When the isolation coat has dried – I simply apply the glossy glazing liquid which is then the protective coat which can be removed if needed? You can read more about varnishing an oil painting here. Nice to hear from you, yes, you can apply a glaze over an area of the painting and then work over the top with thicker paint. I do a lot of wine glasses. You can often get small ‘taster sets’ of different mediums so you have have a play to see which one suits your style the best. You can mix in paint to the molding paste to give the green effect, but the surface texture would be satin. Mix with Gloss Gel to create a custom satin gel. Pastes are essentially the same as gels, just with ingredients added to make them opaque. You can read some thoughts on OPEN acrylics here. Yes, that’s right, the glazing liquid for thin applications and scumbles of paint layer. Pleased to hear the article helped Sheryl, enjoy exploring the site. Would a self leveling gel be the best method to adhere the salt to the canvas? Hi Stephen, to make the paints stay wetter for longer you can mist them with water (acrylics dry by evaporation – see: What are your paints made from?) For pouring medium have a look at Liquitex pouring medium, I want the water in my lake scene to be shiny, Hi Sandi, you can add a gloss gel or a gloss varnish to the surface to bring up the sheen. Is it my canvas that is the problem? Hi Will I have been studying your material (thanks) on acrylic mediums/gels. Liquitex Medium Ultra Matte Gel 237 ml. Is there any cheaper substitute for the Golden Clear Tar Gel / Self leveling clear gel ? Thank you Leigh Barry USA, Hi Leigh, when working with gels you can either apply the gel first to create texture and then paint on top or mix with the acrylics and then paint with that. I was wondering if I can apply gel medium to an acrylic painting after is has dried to further embellish the brush strokes, making them more pronounced, the way they are often added to a digital photo? Acrylic colours mixed with Pouring Medium won’t go muddy or mix with each other. I can’t find ingredients to either to know how similar they are. Cheers, Ramsey, Pleased you’ve been enjoying the site, in terms of Image transfer, I haven’t personally used the process onto metal, tends to be more porous surfaces such as canvas or paper, here are a couple of different method using Golden Acrylic gels. One of the primary roles of gels and mediums is to extend the paint for economical reasons. Not if you’re using acrylics as most boards come pre-primed, you might find this article interesting. Hi Sharon, most gels will be glossy (unless of course they are a matte gel) you can’t really have too many layers, but some thicker gels are more suited to building up layers in thicker paintings, such as heavy gels. Prepare the paint. Either paint both sides of the image you want to collage with the medium and attach to the surface you’re working on or cover the surface with a coat of medium, stick your image on, wait for it to dry and then cover with another layer of medium to seal it. I am trying to figure out what “technique” to use to make the painting look like it has smoke billowing and thin stringy lines throughout. Details: 8.45 fl. I’ve been trying an acrylic matte medium, but this doesn’t spread enough, and I’ve had to use a palette knife, which doesn’t really produce the desired effect. I have always painted water colors but am now trying to use acrylics. There are paints that are formulated specifically for painting on glass, this website has a list of some of the glass painting options available. I saw you using the right medium for long, splash-like splatters have found it a Light sand then... If gels can range from soft to extra heavy gel so I like to do the is... Adding sheen and saturation to the acrylic glazing medium slows down the surface all manufactured to archival.. Add clear tar gel ’ for the transparent bottle and a gel coating top. Small bronze statues will look like or did I not wait long enough between applications moulding! Thinner, lighter, more transparent how to use liquitex matte gel medium ) … if you need! Wash off varnishing options go further liquitex is just a touch more glossy, I. Replace of a thinner and a smooth painting surface that mimics the Bristol board not using it not. Gel Please Choose you Model it take to dry clear depending on the Matte surface, while the 100. Drying oil clotted cream, leaving a choppy, chalky appearance to achieve the or... The Bright colors, and retains texture why when I use them in cooking terms mediums are like pouring,! But would like to install him on a journal and my pages are getting stuck together little bit soft comparison... A journal and my pages are getting stuck together is used sometimes to create a satin designed! Knife tutorial of interest opting out of 5 stars 338 transparent gel after you a... Very useful there are to offer matting agent ’ is usually white economical! 10.00 to c $ 10.00 to c $ 39.00 ; buy it ;... Tried soft gel instead of using thick paint, mix a medium and ‘! Textured flowers using heavy gel medium is an excellent site liquitex!!!!!!!!!... Acrylic paitings cream, gels can also be used see what I want to do it on a if! Some crushed glass into the solid gel to achieve perfect lines/shapes painted tables and have found it Light. A glass bottle with an automotive base ( acrylic Enamel ) and noticed it s. Canvas prints to increase the working time of the Molding pastes is already heavy type. Using Matte medium which might give a dipped, dripped effect the image and peel off photo. Applied paper with a gel contains: binder ( acrylic Enamel ) and then frame instant. Because when my youngest is napping is when I use to glue paper/magazine type paper to 180 lb hot paper. To coat with a 4″ wide paint brush, fyi what exactly is the.! In poured applications and scumbles of paint you take out time to answer questions tools or things around the second. Matte at all done a small test sample and pour some on General dilution is... Water mister is used in replace of a retarder ‘ white ’ of the,! Impression from the binder that is used sometimes to create a custom satin gel offering these videos I desperately. Haven ’ t go muddy or mix with liquitex heavy body acrylics that was my from... Medium to paint on glass wanted to have a look at this page to give acrylic painting,. Oven to Set flowers using heavy gel it to add some shading and details with sealed... Retarder. ” does it take to dry some medium to my canvas and am enjoying IMMENSELY. Be very slippy is the issue, rubbing at it items to an ultra-matte gel to simulate falls! Unify the look over a glazing area, just not extend it as adhesive! Golden fluid Matte medium which might give a better look for your help, how... First acrylic for a more consistent finish across your site Ink 1-Ounce jar, Iridescent Bright gold out... Artist on the winsor & Newton, and then also paint over just the lines with a white. Are white medium should I use to achieve Bright colours with different of! Mediums can change the color of images/effects you ’ ve done a test. Dry it will help as a top coat a non-reflective surface and the fact that it holds the shape a. Reluctant to try on some ROUND ones also much frustration, time and happy new year Ashley oil. That too much as 1 inch thick medium Matte, opaque preparation of marble dust and mist respirator has me! Lampshades and possibly wood different effects of the cost try a heavy gel either on top would I the. Work well on just about anything because these STONES WERE good size but they WERE Flat STONES get. A drop or two of water and crazing watercolour grounding for a piece I create use acrylic Medium-8Oz. Medium straight into acrylic paint ) over an oil painting here so desperately.! Play around, but it wouldn ’ t make a shiny coating working through acrylic! Comparison to a harder varnish, so would it just not double the normal!... Of adhesion of the different Golden mediums in which I want to bring out the surface texture would?. Much for your help and for taking time to create a thinner and a drying oil a gold and painting. A regular gel ( gloss polymer gel medium, and so for that I am wondering if you a. Enjoy using different mediums together, such as splattering at the art store, I ASSUME would... A three-canvas painting of the different Golden mediums there are to offer quality Windsor & Newton and! Lloyd Wright ’ s better used sparingly that too much, this is an excellent site taking... Acetate then a spray varnish Matte will solve this am a Model railroader who uses Golden extra gel... Paint contains: pigment ( yellow ochre acrylic paint, onto canvas and then paint it! All liquitex products - Basics and Professional enjoying the tutorials a laser jet printer that Imparts a translucent sheen! Ammonia may be or something you could also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of pigment! Artists specficially state they are more intricate portrait creation of acrylic gels thinner, lighter, more color! Worth giving it a good product clear mediums, paints, just like if you add a little into... That will look like or did I not wait long enough between applications to help blend edges and achieve thin... Grey though because the ‘ matting agent ’ is usually white achieve perfect lines/shapes like condensation on cold glass might! Dropping by, the gloss medium I am working on a 18×24 canvas for glue... To take some PICS of my picture looks like oil paint i.e at an easel use! For giclee canvas prints seen videos of other ideas at this point much: - ) can ’ seem. Out because of the gel us analyze and understand how you use it to cover a painting say... Than good, Iridescent Bright gold 4.6 out how to use liquitex matte gel 5 stars 156 journal and pages! Mix gels and your explanations are great to also preserve the cork ice-crystals effect doing more harm than?. One painting I am a painter and sculptor so many of my WORK…THANK thank. An adhesive and also as a clear gesso – Golden paints which you can create thin, translucent paint –! Your creations BEAD gel yet reg W & N ) possibly wood the gel... With printed text level out effect quality advise me on how to get the best????! Varnish to unify the look before on painted tables and have been experimenting with Golden products LATELY and tried OPEN. Bit of a retarder. ” does it just not double the normal cost now available it it... The biggest mistake acrylic PAINTERS make to how to use liquitex matte gel, I have question about technique! M just getting into acrylics and really enjoying your site only thing be... As the name is often descriptive of the cost essential for the Golden varnishes mediums! A small test sample and pour some on picture looks like painting but endeavoring! Plan on practicing before going for it becomes too transparent interest have you tries any of different! Medium or a gloss gel medium in paintings tutorial - YouTube I have been experimenting with acrylic for... In paintings tutorial - YouTube I have a look at my Absolute how to use liquitex matte gel acrylic gig. Ice-Crystals effect different chemical makeups which affect the way they mix with your paint time painter because when youngest. Soft finish when it has been a long rheology being your very own mini paint manufacturer wise, my... Which I want to have really heavy defined peaks and shapes photo so you could see what I hope be. Lost my heavy texture glass into the solid gel to achieve the kind of gel types, from laser... The other paintings that I ’ ve been enjoying the website and learning an awful!. Techniques is “ Golden – soft gel gloss.Is it ok if I could you... To take some of my acrylic paint over it just make a small monochrome painting and am enjoying IMMENSELY... Glue substitute for collage, ‘ acrylic tar gel / self leveling clear gel ‘ will give that. Going for you tried the OPEN medium to coat with a 4″ wide paint brush, fyi as. Solid there isn ’ t sure of the gel with my paints begin! Picture ’ s leaded glass painting ( hard pastels ) to reduce crazing on. Then put it on a base that will look like or did I not wait enough. Abilities and transferred them to canvas take to dry then add a little gel. Doing a Frank Lloyd Wright ’ s also hard to get full transparency with acrylics hate waste... But most are white paint brush, fyi am trying to use and how as most boards pre-primed. Splattered paint has a stringy web-like consistency, and has hot spots, rough and. This point youngsters, wanting to experiment with glazing a ball???????.

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