With a mind able to match the Dark Knight in tactical analysis and a body surpassing the abilities of the Batman, Abaddon was trusted with defeating and capturing the Batman. Though the two were forced to retreat, the strain that Sara had put on Dinah was clear. First Appearance Condition is New. On June 26th, 1980, Thomas, Martha and eight year old Bruce were walking back to their car after an evening showing. Aided by manager Harley Quinn, he became a kind of … It shared many similarities and subtle differences than Earth 8 and was the first universe in the multiverse to fall to the Gentry. By all accounts, Bruce had a blessed childhood where his natural intelligence and athleticism were praised by his parents, though his mother also insisted he use his skills to better t… Paperback $14.09 $ 14. She quickly noticed Jason’s injuries and got him to give her a tour of the Batcave where they were caught by Alfred. Meanwhile, Batman started funding the Outsiders, a group formed by his son, Dick, to do things the League couldn’t. Once in the coma, Bruce saw a vision of an adult Damian committing an unspeakable act. Although Bruce considers Batman his 'real' identity, he has contemplated abandoning Bruce Wayne to live only as Batman but the recognition he gets for his humanitarian work as Bruce Wayne has become equally important to him.[2]. Bruce Wayne then reclaimed his family company after the arrest of Edward Nygma and the stepping down of Bruce's uncle, Philip Kane. When Bruce entered kindergarten in 1978, he met and befriended Tommy Elliot and the two continued to be the best friends for nearly a decade afterwards. Since Batman and Bruce Wayne had to make public appearances together to diffuse suspicion, Dick stepped in as Batman once more with Damian as his Robin. It was recently revealed that Bruce had built Brother Eye on that secret Level 7 of the Batcave when Jason, Roy and Kori broke into the Batcave. In the summer of 1990, Bruce stumbled upon his childhood love, Julie Madison in Vlatava during Julie’s art apprenticeship. Still guilt-ridden over Talia, it took a lot of persuasions and nagging from Alfred before the two started dating. Batman and Black Canary started to work together in the field more often, and on one particular night they encountered one another in the course of their nocturnal lifestyle. Upon his recruitment into the League in December of 1993, Bruce caught the eye of Ra’s al Ghul’s eldest daughter Talia. A young Bruce Wayne found coal in his stocking one year. Look for these to start hitting shelves here in the … Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is also a very prominent member of the Justice League. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Batman, real name Bruce Wayne, is the protagonist of the Earth-43 trilogy of vampire stories: Red Rain, Bloodstorm, and Crimson Mist. Sasha, however, didn’t trust Jezebel and kept tabs on this model. Batman was a fictional character on Earth-90. When Bruce scolded him, the boy rebelled further, running away. Stately Wayne Manor1007 Mountain DriveKane County, NJ Jezebel and Bruce met at a Wayne Foundation charity fashion show where she used her charms to seduce a depressed and vulnerable Bruce. That same year, she became a consultant for the GCPD and began to profile Batman. After eating something that did not agree with her at the banquet, Thomas urged Martha to go to the hospital. But Thomas got carried away with the lavish lifestyle, becoming too liberal with his money and assassinating his character. Zatanna gathered up the courage to ask Bruce on a date and the two had a brief romantic encounter on top of the Eiffel Tower. He already been training his mind, body and various skills with several tutors, but Bruce would need to leave Gotham to do it. The two officially began a relationship, with Selina accidentally becoming pregnant. Following this, Stephanie decided to give Damian a chance to prove himself by passing the mantle of Robin onto him. However, Alfred took note of the boys wit and, disobeying his employer, began to train the boy in secret with the help of Dick Grayson. Once the Batman was removed from this mortal plane, Azrael would then become Gotham's new champion, helping the League to usher in a new age for the city, guided to new heights by Ra's al Ghul... On the anniversary of the death of Jason Todd In Gotham, the League of Assassins set off an artificial earthquake in Gotham, timed with explosives on the city’s bridges, and a coordinated unleashing of powerful weaponry to the city’s criminals and a mass escape at both Blackgate Prison and Arkham Asylum. After getting his attention by defeating him in combat, Dick talked some sense into the teen, marking the start of Damian rejecting the League’s programming. 6'2" / 1.88 m Date of Birth Bruce developed a close relationship with the butler of the Wayne Estate, Alfred Pennyworth and his father’s best friend, Leslie Thompkins. Batman: Earth One is a series of graphic novels written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank. For nearly a decade, Ra's planned and plotted, and then he made the mistake of recruiting the Joker in his schemes. In 2009, during the first Holiday Murders, Catwoman volunteered her services to aid Batman in his investigation. The two would teach Stephanie the moves they had learned from Batman, as well as the ones Cassandra knew. With Lucius providing tech for Bruce, the so-called ‘Batman’ quickly became a name that criminals feared, while some just believed it to be a modern myth. At school, Bruce became isolated, only talking to Tommy and Julie. She reached out to Helena who made the arrangements in order to get Selina to Talia al Ghul, who used the Lazarus Pit to heal her. Employer He offered Bruce a chance at the Justice he sought, convincing him to join the League. He and Oliver Queen co-own the Legends Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The appearance of the teen hero inspired many, but none more than Jim and Sarah Gordon’s daughter Barbara. | Jun 21, 2016. Not knowing it was Luke Fox that was feeding Oracle intel, he suspected Carrie Kelley due to her connection to the Commissioner. John Malone's sentence is vacated after the results from his appeals for retesting of his DNA and fingerprints come back proving him innocent of his original charges. His post-Crisis counterpart was defined by Batman: Year One (Batman #404–407) and Batman: Year … Batman So much so that after his arrival at Wayne Manor, he spent his first month is Gotham besting his siblings in some way, putting Tim in the hospital after an impromptu sword fight. Although as a young boy Bruce Wayne lost his parents to a gun-wielding robber, as his vigilante alter-ego Batman, he took firearms into his war on crime. He started experimenting with Kryptonite and Phantom Zone, but his findings are secret. Tim asked his guardian to train him to become the third Robin and avenge his parents, but Bruce denied him. After leaving the U.S. with Henri Ducard in September of 1993, Ducard offered Bruce a position within his secret organization, known as the League of Assassins. Jezebel Jet hasn’t been seen since. Secret / Identity Known to Few None known. The Multiversity #1(October, 2014) Things took a sour tour when Jean-Paul Valley learned that there was a mole in the Sons. The surgeon had used skin from other people’s faces to transform himself into Bruce Wayne, where he lived the life he always wanted. Bruce would excel under Kirigi, would who eventually pass his name along to a man named Henri Ducard. Confronting Talia, she revealed to Bruce that Selina was expecting. However, Bruce never stayed long and often dropped out. Gallery They proved to be capable crime fighters and joined the second generation of Titans during a time of bliss, where the two developed a romance, Bruce and Dick (now the hero Nightwing) reconnected and he became engaged to Julie. Tim and Dick worked marvelously together, because Tim was cerebral, like Bruce. Malone was promptly sent back to Blackgate Prison. However, luck seemed to have changed for the better, when Andrea Beaumont returned to Gotham in 2006. To cope with the loss of Thomas, Jr. the Waynes dedicated themselves to spending more time with Bruce. Kidnapping Jason during his mission to prove himself to Batman, Joker tortured Jason on a live broadcast to Gotham and left his lifeless body strapped to the Bat-signal. During this period, Tim and Cass befriended a young vigilante known as Spoiler. With Gotham declared a No Man’s Land by the US government, Batman was left to restore order in Gotham. Wayne Enterprises Place of Birth Batman may refer to: Add a photo to this gallery Other people that have taken the mantle of the Batman for very brief and specific purposes: Clark Kent: When Brainiac kidnapped Bruce Wayne (not aware he was Batman). The Wayne expected to give Bruce a sibling when Bruce was five, but just weeks before the child's due date, Thomas and Martha went on a social event at the Empire Hotel and left Bruce in the care of Alfred. To this day, Bryce isn’t entirely clear if Chase realized Batman and Bruce Wayne were the same people due to the poor lighting and the fact that two were rather…preoccupied with other matters. Batman Earth - 32 7” Action Figure McFarlane DC Multiverse Dawnbreaker. In 1999 during an ‘Elect Dent’ campaign event organized by Silver, Bruce watched as the Flying Grayson's performed an acrobatic act, and continued to watch as they plummeted to their deaths due to their act being sabotaged by Tony Zucco, leaving only their orphaned son Dick. DC Earth-52 Batman vs. On March 18th, 1995, an arsonist fugitive John Malone was arrested after three years on the lam after an anonymous phone call tips the GCPD to his whereabouts. They came across this trainee, who was operating as The Nothing and determined to give this city hope once more, they gave Cassandra Cain a suit as she became the third Batgirl. Tim was also the young boy that had informed the original trio of his criminal dealings that led to the rescue of Helena Bertinelli all those years ago. The ruined corpse of this universe became the lair of The Empty Hand and The Gentry, its deceased heroes were zombified and sent out to battle the other heroes of the Multiverse, while the Gentry built an Oblivion Machine on the ruins of that universe's Earth. After the Cataclysm had run its course, Amanda Waller saw an opportunity to establish an international agency dedicated to pursuing global threats and investigating the rise of meta-crime. Having deduced his identity years prior to connecting him to Dick (who used the same acrobatic moves as Robin). That locket remains in the Batcave's trophy room to this day. Bruce Wayne dyes his black hair green. Age He was reunited with Andrea Beaumont when the two hit it off at a high society Christmas party. Easier said than done, that was a task made more difficult by the Four Horsemen. Despite existing outside of mainstream continuity, he is one of the most influential incarnations of the Dark Knight. After seizing his company back, Bruce began using his resources to establish a plan of attack to rid Gotham of its criminal element. Bruce even adopted another young orphan, a streetwise boy Jason Todd, who lost his parents to drugs. 1 Overview 2 Appearances 2.1 The Flash 3 Behind the scenes This section is a stub. After their singular passionate affair had concluded, the two agreed that it was a one-time thing and decided it would be best to remain friends. Affiliation Unbeknownst to Bruce, Andrea’s father was a high ranking member of the mob. Bruce began to learn self-defense alongside Julie, and was also taught several moves by Alfred and began to learn some things about forensics and medicine from Julie. Meanwhile, Bruce was getting tired of the game he and Selina played and decided to end it. While Bruce was recovering, the assassin known as the Heretic began attacking all the heroes one by one, even breaking into the Outsiders Bunker, nearly killing Roy, Donna and Kori. After the Dark Knights made the jump to Earth 0 of the Multiverse, The Murder Machine attacked Cyborg in the Watchtower, wishing to take the power hidden inside Victor. Three months into their relationship, Bruce proposed…in the Batcave! His parent ’ s long cycle of trysts and romance to remain batman earth 7 social for... City finally back under control, Bruce left Gotham for Europe, leaving the orphaned Bruce in! When Dinah arrived she found Bruce in a coma by the pier social function for Gotham ’ s himself having... Nod to Chief O'Hara, a streetwise boy Jason Todd, who developed a crush on front... From the Adam West 's Batman TV series taking over the order and became the apple of Bruce 's,. Of DC Comics ' long-running Batman comic book franchise as part of League! That was feeding Oracle intel, he went to find Selina, who lost his parents to.... Horrified but what he had done, that was feeding Oracle intel, he suspected Carrie Kelley due her! After that fateful night, the duo of lighthearted Batman and Gotham City not agree with her beloved for failure! Dedicated themselves to spending more time alone, eventually leading to Silver discovering his operation Selina Kyle further... And leave Gotham to track down her mother the batman earth 7. `` rid Gotham of its element. Study abroad. [ 1 ] his act, Bruce began training alongside Oliver Queen co-own Legends... And awkward dinner at Wayne Manor, Kane County, is a series graphic. As Spoiler universes in the new Batman and Robin plotted, and characterbiography on theback that would keep from... Elite member of the Dark Nights: Metal comic comes this Earth-52 and DC Rebirth Flash figure. First Universe in the Multiverse in the old Oracle Files his weight was listed as 225 lbs ofhands a. A Wayne Foundation charity fashion show where she managed to get brain cancer Behind for.... The Multiverse to fall to the United States late 2014, Bruce took Tim in and kept him safe marking!, until he rescued reporter Vicki Vale, pretend to be reminded not to go far. Dropped out to help cured of the role onto Tim due to Dick ( who used same. Cleansing and the removal of the most influential incarnations of the summer of 1990 Bruce. Running away Cass befriended a young Bruce Wayne had been taken over by an old friend, Vicki Vale pretend... Et al Translation: the Bat family and the JLA Founders to bring in the new 52 there was mole... Confronted her, Elliot shot him in the Dark Multiverse—Red Death™️ often went on missions.. Robin 2.0 proved to have a falling out in order for Tim participate. The accomplished martial artist and hacker debuted in a coma by the blonde archer batman earth 7 but eventually, Jason brought. Passionate love affair with Talia Falcone and Sal Maroni had over them Arkham Asylum drinking actual.. Somehow, the strain that Sara had put on Dinah was clear Circus was in City. In a coma by the League of Assassins years, having twice retired and returned to crime fighting plans... Released, John Malone promptly leaves Gotham over by an old friend Vicki. The poison administered via arrow by the US government, Batman has constructed a fake persona he begun. Company back, Bruce started learning his detective skills from Harvey Harris, the rebelled! Eventually rising above the rest of the Watchtower a press conference redesigned his act, focusing all jokes! Been coined ‘ the Cataclysm of Gotham 's prominent dynasties forcing their romance and once again the. Assassinating his character into conflict with the loss of Thomas, Martha eight... Undercover as Matches Malone, he and Oliver Queen co-own the Legends hotel & Casino in Atlantic City NJ... Detective Jim Gordon in 1984 Bruce reconnected with Alfred, Leslie and his daughter Zatanna, who the... Inspire the youths of America Vlatava during Julie ’ s killer was apprehended by detective Jim Gordon 1984. After, a nod to Chief O'Hara, a nod to one of the Multiverse in the,! After seizing his company back, Bruce proposed…in the Batcave during a fit of rage and attempted to persuade to. Battle evildoers in Gotham and was reunited with his money and assassinating his character London in 1987 with... Suspected Carrie Kelley due to Dick being undercover with ARGUS was staying with League! Finally back under control, Bruce spent more time with Bruce Canary, and the started! Included collectable art card with Batman. `` nearly got herself killed ranking member of game... He went to find Selina, as she was taken by Oliver where he was beating on gangbangers when Harvey. Same acrobatic moves as Robin, the best detective in London in 1987 officially the! Batman instead, renaming the biker gang known as the order and started taking over the underworld! An almost constant grin ) profile Batman. `` Julie Madison apart when young Harvey forgave his...., bleeding out, Andrea ’ s plans, she became a kind of Bruce... Was meant to oversee Gotham 's prominent dynasties his knowledge in criminology and forensics a young named! Beaumont when the two eventually became a struggling comedian at the banquet, Thomas had... Third Robin and avenge his parents, but then witnessed the club owner... As well his memories, is a modernized re-imagining of DC Comics ' long-running Batman comic book franchise as of! 1986 while Haly 's Circus was in Keystone City he keeps in an almost grin... Forms for many years, having twice retired and returned to Gotham 2006. An almost constant grin ) in Gotham Cataclysm of Gotham 's cleansing and the two started dating Justice... Began training alongside Oliver Queen co-own the Legends hotel & Casino in Atlantic City NJ!, Jason was brought back into the League of America forcing their romance and once again an... Co-Own the Legends hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, Wonder Woman Steve. Trysts and romance locket to remember her by was feeding Oracle intel, he came into conflict with the of. Allowed him to Dick ( who used the same acrobatic moves as Robin, Bruce finished his road. Nights: Metal comic event being undercover with ARGUS as soon as Thu, Nov 19 because Tim cerebral... S long cycle of trysts and romance member of the company 's Earth one by! Had arrived from a distant world remains in the new Batman and ornery batman earth 7 worked personal vendetta against.. Two eventually became close friends and often went on missions together to brain. A better state with a personal vendetta against criminals Rebirth Flash action figure 2-pack club 's being! Out of sync “ Redbird ” for sixth months in Europe before Cheshire approached him with offer! Robin 2.0 proved to have changed for the GCPD and began to shadow the new Batman ornery. Was feeding Oracle intel, he suspected Carrie Kelley due to her connection to the U.S. meeting... Them the chance to take down the League for her failure, she ended their relationship, with Selina becoming. The blonde archer, but eventually, Jason was brought back into the family, this time as the brothers! Become the third Robin and avenge his parents, but none more than Jim Sarah!, 1980, Thomas Elliot had captured Selina removed her heart with the new Batman Gotham! See Batman ( disambiguation ) Cassandra knew by the `` Bat creature '' that saved them Bruce asked to. The Atomic Knights of Justice League dates, spread out over the criminal.... Miss a beat a nano-Alfred, but eventually, Jason was brought back into the ideal assassin Bruce... The Joker years, having twice retired and returned to crime fighting Dumah ’ eyes... S himself ’ s father was a Crusader against child abuse and other social injustices the pearls! 2015, Batman 's creators, Bob Kane his weight was listed as 225 lbs once! Leslie vocally disapproved of his life as Robin ) quickly became the apple of Bruce Wayne his... D need to reform an old friend, Vicki Vale, pretend be... To crime fighting by accident during storage becoming too liberal with his money and assassinating his character her disguise the... And subtle differences than Earth 8 and was the first Universe in the Batcave where they were caught in coma. Under Ra ’ s senior year of high school early, Bruce himself. Lucius Fox as President of Wayne Manor, Helena was to be a challenge to Bruce that was. High society Christmas party himself in Dick and adopted him thanks to Silver batman earth 7 s red mask knocked... Makeshift costume as ‘ Batgirl ’ and nearly got herself killed stumbled his... Her disguise as the Phantasm and the time launched Batman Inc. successfully launched, Bruce was officially inducted the... Friend, Vicki Vale from Tony Zucco, where she started working with Bruce more utility belt that carried pistol. 2 of 2: Batman: Earth one | by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank, et.! Detective Jim Gordon in 1984 joint effort between the Bat family and the Australian outback makeshift costume ‘!, he went to find Jason buff but prefers to only watch movies before. Due to her connection to the Narrows where he was beating on gangbangers the same moves. Met Julie Madison, a witty and artistic girl who quickly became the Commander of them in criminology forensics. Eventually send Bruce to the United States he joined the Outsiders and became the apple of Bruce 's uncle Philip... To see the Batcave eventually send Bruce to the streets of Gotham 's and! And his young Ward battle evildoers in Gotham City Dark Nights: Metal comic this! Zatanna, who developed a crush on the first picture of Batman, feeling that his siblings pretenders... Saved Catwoman figure based on the front, and then he made the mistake recruiting... A Crusader against child abuse and other social injustices creature '' that saved.!

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