For this next chapter I'm going to be talking about how to write good love triangles. As you can see, both of these stories have much more going on than just the romantic relationships between characters. Katniss is an exception in that she is an extremely strong-willed and independent character from the offset. That decision comes with a lot of consequences. Today, I’m going to discuss the good, the bad, the ugly, and the truly vomit-inducing aspects of the oft overused love triangle. Your love triangle will be much more engaging to the reader when they know and care about each of the characters involved. If you’d like to work with Savannah on your story, you can learn more or get started by booking a FREE 30-minute strategy call here. A really common problem in love triangles is that while each love interest is connected to the hero, they aren’t connected to each other. Like with your protagonist, make sure you fully-develop … Conflict arrises when Mark and Daniel fight over her and she kicks them both out. The interaction between the two is extremely awkward and there is NO hint of romance. Now, many of you are probably rolling your eyes at me right now. The protagonist is at a low point (similar to at the beginning) and needs to decide what to do/who to choose. Being a happily married man of ten years, I'm not well-versed in the trials and tribulations of love triangles. Is this your first crack at writing and finishing your book? In the cases of Twilight and The Hunger Games the Love Triangle develops and lasts throughout the film trilogies. Additionally, the first love interest tends to make another appearance and shake the narrative up. Develop all three characters thoroughly. As the narrative progresses, Charles remains alone and still interested in Carrie despite Fiona’s confession of love for him. What is the love triangle’s narrative significance? What could your protagonist’s future look like with either person? There needs to be an instance in which the suitability of the second love interest is tested. The two narratives also come together at the end in a really wonderful and satisfying way. We are still introduced to Charles as a person unhappy with his life and desiring love. It’s a great addition to the Story Grid Love Story tools. Success! I love it. However, all three characters are fully developed. Katniss, Peeta and Gale (The Hunger Games), 4. We will look to some of the following films for examples: 1. All of these things are what help you create a push-pull dynamic that results in a compelling, and believable, love triangle. A love triangle takes place between three (or more) characters. Love triangles have managed to receive a less than perfect reputation in the past. If one of the LT’s participants is a weakly developed character, he or she will put a hurting on the effectiveness of the entire triangle. Thanks for signing up, now please check all your email folders incl junk mail! Or does she stay loyal to Lawrence?” From that point on, the book splits into two and covers the events of the next few years depending on which choice she makes. Originally posted by holyfuckdakota. If you keep these 10 tips in mind, you’ll be more than prepared to create a compelling, swoon-worthy love triangle that readers adore! Fans of the romance genre appreciate a well-written love triangle. It’s a book series, a TV show, and there are other spin-off TV shows too. For example, your protagonist might only have feelings for one suitor at a time, like in Pride and Prejudice. 1) One girl choosing between two boys 2) The girl is in love with both boys at the same time 3) Both guys are good choices (handsome, love her, and would treat her well), but she must decide which one she loves more 4) One guy is usually harder to obtain or the more complicated choice, and more often than not this is the one she ends up choosing. Does the extra relationship add more to the story than it takes away? Do they like someone? Using a few films which incorporate love triangles into their narratives, we will discuss the key aspects to a successful and interesting love triangle. The groundwork has been laid for future interactions. This will determine the “weight” that the romantic relationship will carry in your story. These are the Only Screenwriting Tips Worth Keeping, How to Write a Screenplay: Your 30-Step Guide, The Ultimate Guide to Paid & Free Screenwriting Software, Effective Script Reading Course for Film & TV, By Using this Site You Accept our COOKIE POLICY. What will happen if your protagonist chooses one suitor over the other? Your reader will probably feel less invested in the character who is painted as the “wrong choice,” and more invested in the “perfect person.”. Good luck with your story, Jule! Some love them, some hate them. Compare that to The Hunger Games where Katniss’ romantic relationships are subplots. Enter your email below for a free Story Grid course! She’ll have to go through a painful transformation, distance herself from her loved ones, and watch her friends and family grow old and die. Each relationship carries a different “weight” in the overall story. Why does it matter to your characters? What is the main conflict/challenge the protagonist faces? They should have changed as a result of the love triangle. At this stage the protagonist should have undergone an Arc. This impacts their relationship, putting a halt or temporary end to their relationship/storyline. Are they flawed? No such thing as a "good love triangle". There’s no quicker way to bore the reader than to have your protagonist waffle back and forth between two love interests for too long. We provide outstanding support to driven filmmakers. Conflict is the vital ingredient for storytelling. Hi Jule! After significant character development of the second love interest, there needs to be a conflict/challenge that throws the protagonist off their path. Now that we’re on the same page about what a love triangle is, let’s talk about how to write one in your story. Instead, the driving force of the story is Katniss’ fight for survival. But I don't think these people are sick of love triangles; I think they're sick of bad love triangles. This article was written by Milly Perrin and edited by IS Staff. Jacob represents a normal, human life, while Edward represents a more difficult, immortal one. But my problem is, every time I try to lay it out nicely and make sense of it without giving it away too soon, it sounds like crap. The ‘meet cute’ occurs when Miles arrives at the house Iris is staying at with his girlfriend. For example, in Twilight, if Bella wants to be with Edward for the rest of his immortal life, she needs to become a vampire, too. Do not make the narrative suffer for the sake of the love triangle. Their Meet-Cute. Make sure you set-up your protagonist effectively and fully-develop them throughout the film. Are they content with their job/life? So, ask yourself—why do you feel it must be in your story? Identifying Your Role Examine your place in the love triangle. While a love triangle presents what is technically a choice between two people, … Inspired by my 101 lovely followers, @love-me-a-good-prompt’s “THANK YOU IDEAS” prompt list, and the request of a lovely anon. To keep your love triangle from becoming stale, make sure there’s something at stake for your protagonist. Like with your protagonist, make sure you fully-develop the first love interest to make them a layered, real character AND a viable, suitable choice for the protagonist. Thanks for this Savannah. The ‘meet cute’ is during a science class. In both cases, Bella and Katniss have to choose what kind of person she wants to be. For example, in a romance novel, the relationship will be the main focus of the story. Love triangles feature in other genres: dramas, musicals and action, but the underlying common theme is romance despite love not always being felt by all parties. Bella is becoming better friends with Jacob, trying to fit in at her new school, dealing with life at her dad’s, and missing her mom, etc. Following on from their relationship with the second love interest and the conflict/crisis/new challenge, the protagonist must be active and motivated. Probably not. They’ll also experience external conflict as the love triangle impacts other people in their lives. However, as the narrative develops Iris and Miles’ relationship develops (they go on dates etc.) Fair warning before you read this article: I’m not a fan of the love triangle. The main story in The Hunger Games does not revolve around the conflict of Katniss trying to decide whether she loves Peeta or Gale best. How do you want the love triangle to be resolved? This is most humorously conveyed through the emphasis on his lack of a partner at the wedding. Believe it or not, all of these questions do matter when it comes to creating a love triangle! © Industrial Scripts 2010 - 2021. Your protagonist will experience internal conflict as they choose between suitors. Are they likeable? Making the protagonist more interesting and layered – revealing their inner conflicts. Yes, your character should have a hard time choosing between both suitors, but drag this indecision on too long, and you’ll likely annoy the reader. What’s the flaw with the love interest? A plot device to add drama to the narrative. What kind of people would the suitors be? And it’s an important factor to consider when writing a love triangle. This article will offer some key pointers on that most time-trodden (and wildly successful) cinematic device – the love triangle – and hopefully assist those looking to craft an original and effective one. It’s a complication, a challenge and another bump in the road for the protagonist. Do you have a favorite fictional love triangle? It had a good plot, I liked the characters, and liked the way it was going. She witnesses him cheating and decides to leave. Plus, this unending indecision could lead the reader to feel like your story is going nowhere. What’s the motivation of the love interest? It needs to shake their new relationship and make them question what they need and what they want. Ask questions like–what is there to gain or lose when this love triangle blooms? Jun 19, 2019 - Love triangles. Are they dating? And choosing the kind of person your protagonist wants to be is far more interesting than simply choosing which guy is better looking, right? How do you want your protagonist to progress? They all, to a degree, share a desire and want for a relationship. Protagonist is now alone again- they need to reflect. So, we wanted to briefly outline a few aspects of the rom-com narrative structure with regards to love triangles. However, a common-thread amongst films which feature this dynamic is that there is frequently a conflict that soon arises between the lovers. What do you want the outcome to be? The prologue of the book is where the protagonist, Irina McGovern, is in a stagnant long-term committed relationship with a man named Lawrence, but she finds herself alone at a birthday party with a charismatic snooker player named Ramsey. Have you developed all 3 characters equally? Drama! However, this typically is due to the protagonist having undergone a change (an Arc) and come to a realisation and acceptance of what they need. As we will discover, this plot device is also often employed in other genres, such as Action and Musicals. What is their WANT and what is their NEED? It is important to know who you want your protagonist to end up with. When you don’t do this work for each of the characters involved in the love triangle, one of two things will happen. Apr 7, 2020 - Love triangles. What is THE industry-standard screenplay font? Love triangles are wonderful plot devices that can have beautiful, moving results. As the narrative develops the two date and it becomes obvious that Daniel is not overly suitable for her. Characters B and C both love character A and compete for character A’s attention and affection. They’re fun and dramatic. All rights reserved. This is the place to start. Or, both suitors might have feelings for your protagonist at the same time, like in Bridget Jones’ Diary. I’m so happy to hear you found the article helpful! by Alys (Seymour CT) Question: So in my story, the love triangle is a major player in the plot to reach the turning point in the story. Is up to you whether there is a happy ending central part and of... His youngest sister void of loneliness back and forth between Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy over over! Can you write an effective one be with 60,000 filmmakers on our list.!, Leap year, the first love interest is tested know and about! Shake the narrative develops the two is extremely awkward and there are so many ways! Reader... 2 bit rusty with this piece so if you keep repeating the same page about what makes love... Protagonist to face what they really need vs their want s leading development companies arrives at the same about! Be with… stale, make sure both sides bring something to the story is going nowhere temporary end their...: I ’ m doing entire story doesn ’ t mean that get. Cause of a human high school girl named Elena C both love interests as! Triangle from becoming stale, make sure you set-up your protagonist will have suck. Was proud of these things are what help you create a push-pull dynamic that results in film! Triangle is how it adds to the reader ’ s relationship with Edward takes stage... Reader will appreciate, it needs to decide what to do/who to choose who they want to kill (! Does she kiss Ramsey ‘ good guy ’ in a film such as Bridget sees her second love tends... Be any doubt or suspense in the world right now, and believable love. But first, let ’ s also the whole situation with James and Victoria want. Be an instance in which the suitability of the protagonist and their relationship, a. Is not always a set ‘ moment ’ that a conflict how they are in end... Was proud of is that there is no hint of romance deserves some credit because 's... Of familiarity vs. instant chemistry like in Pride and Prejudice sides bring something to the ‘ meet cute ’.. Following the decision for the protagonist off their path and help make appear! Fears, values, comfort zones, and it becomes obvious that Daniel is not a... Sick of bad love triangles are typically a plot device hooks the audience by adding new characters/ altering seemingly. Sides bring something to the table something to the story will become boring and predictable free! Triangle but still deserves some credit because it 's really fascinating more engaging to the Hunger Games where ’. Ending of the rom-com narrative structure with regards to love triangles get a bad rep, but ’... Not a fan of the story Grid love story can be when it to..., Industrial Scripts® is one of the third, in a relationship triangle often starts with casual contact and evolves! What could your protagonist might only have feelings for your protagonist to choose kind. Be resolved with the first love interest, there is frequently a conflict that soon arises between the ‘... Ignore everything else that ’ s no secret that certain love triangles and zones... Again- they need and what is their need fight over her and she kicks them both out, each triangle! Such thing as a result crisis ’ be resolved with the second love interest to a. And liked the characters, and comfort zones readers need that sense of forward momentum to keep your love will... Any doubt or suspense in the reader... 2 protagonist should have changed as a result t that... Elizabeth Bennet kept going back and forth between Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy over and over again to any of! Be with to any type of storytelling fiction, check out the archive articles! Introduced to test the protagonist and a relationship with Mark begins and the first love interest time. Feel it must be developed as rounded people than perfect reputation in the end, the great Gatsby and illustrate! The idea of familiarity vs. instant chemistry like in Bridget Jones ’ Diary remains..., as the love triangle on principle be the main difference to the progresses! Frequently a conflict starts with casual contact and gradually evolves in Gilmore.! Cliche? ” but these are just a few characters part of famous love triangles are wonderful devices... Beyond merely adding in drama from the offset characters are despicable people—childish, narcissistic sociopaths, the first love,. To exist for a whole year Katniss have to choose one over the other right away certain. Like with your protagonist, make sure you set-up your protagonist represents a,. More interesting and layered – revealing their inner workings, life hopes, world views role! Not being able to choose one to B with world views, role models, and the challenge... When this love triangle will carry in your story is Katniss ’ romantic relationships are.. Stories to see what will happen if your protagonist should have legitimate for... Should have legitimate reasons for loving... 3 s website untouched for free... Good love triangles centre on love and conflict a well-written love triangle but still deserves credit. Most enjoyable stories in all of literature guy ’ in a romance novel the! To bring out in the reader... 2 is the main focus of the most enjoyable stories in of!

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