Boy Oh Boy. Full Flex Fly Rods |, Superfine Touch Fly Rods | Fly Fishing -- Orvis Underground Review: The Orvis Superfine Touch 8' 4wt Small Stream Fly Rod […], Being impressed with the 1wt., I bought a 5wt. Swinging Partridge and Orange wet flies on the Swift River in Ware, MA.Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 3wt. I was ticked off when they discontinued the latter, and ordered a new far-and-fine from thir custom shop the next year thinking they would never build them again. Glad to hear they're working out for you. In years past I have been a loyal customer of Orvis, but from an aesthetic point of view I think they have been missing the ball pretty frequently ever since they started using gold reel seats on their Trident TL rods and changed the porting and line guard of their CFO reels. I'm also considering going down to a 4wt for the delayed harvest waters. I have to say the 3wt was great to cast but the 4wt feels much better. You're one of those guys who always has to have the last word. 3. Just that you thought price was the be all and end all. That's because I never said this was an affordable fly rod. Orvis has been selling its own brand of fly lines since 1971. Here's a review I trust on the 8' version- Underground Review: The Orvis Superfine Touch 8′ 4wt Small Stream Fly Rod – - The Trout ... [...], Great review! are only 15 spots on the trail list! After all, there's the character of the water (more gradient=faster currents) and while you're mostly catching 8" trout there's always a chance. It's Older Bro's main fly rod, and while I'd suggest it's not quite strong enough to be the killer Upper Sac rod and. That’s saying a lot. As to the cost....look around and you can score some deals. The blank, guides, wraps, tip … The Orvis Hydros Superfine is a great line for spring creeks, small watersheds, and tight fishing conditions. Clever. The action is perfect for small stream fishing and it can reach out a bit when necessary on the alpine lakes when there isn't any wind. Any opinion on how limited i will find myself with the 3wt. TC HATES 200R hooks. I've always enjoyed your gear reviews. Shop Staff Notes: The Orvis Superfine Glass 8′ 5-weight Fly Rod is a cool rod to fish on small creek to even bigger rivers (though, not great in the wind). I was amazed at how it handled a 12-14" brown that I coaxed out of a hole just north of where Bubbs Creek dumps in....granted...flows are incredibly low for this time of year, but I was able to cast quite accurately and with a lovely soft touch out to about 40' was realistic enough that he took without hesitation. But you're right about one thing: I should know better than to engage in tittle tattle about an industry that is, to me, more parasite than friend to the sport of fly fishing. We found it could reasonably handle casting the extra weight and torque of throwing big dry flies (such as hoppers, Chernobyl ants and big stoneflies) and dry/dropper rigs (a nymph dropped beyond a dry fly) provided the cast wasn’t more than 35-40 feet. Jerry Siem Discusses the Sage CIRCA Fly Rod | MidCurrent Sage CIRCA Has New Technology, Old-School Feel Of the New Orvis Superfine Touch, full flex graphite fly rod. Number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine 10. One of our absolute favorites is the Orvis Superfine Glass. So the purpose of your remark is? This is going to be one of those rods. I was not disappointed- getting this rod out of its bag and tube was great – it was a thing of beauty… The rod bag is well made and there was a smell of new rod newness – I am sure that rod bag had just been made the previous week. I don't have much experience with shorter fiberglass rods but have played with a similar Echo glass rod before and it was pretty fun, not sure how the Orvis compares. If you can get the blanks go for it,you can get a much better looking stick built for less and it's 'bespoke' too.... TC can be as snarky as he wants,it's his playground....ya gotta be able to blow off steam. Shorter rod length works well on small streams with brushy banks, Stiff butt section helps work big fish caught on light tippets, Good casting accuracy within 40-foot range, Soft presentations possible within 30-35 feet, Soft presentation not as easy to achieve as some of the other rods in this class, Fiberglass rod weighs a bit more than graphite rods, Casting distance compromised by shorter rod length. One person may consider it real affordable while another may think it's overpriced. We don't have any Orvis dealers where I am so no opportunity to test it out. In my opinion, Orvis got it right with the superfine. I tend towards slower rods than most, and you have to take any of my recommendations with that in mind. Rechtzeitig um mich durch die dicht bewachsenen Ufer der Bröl zu schlagen. A fee I will pay gladly! Don't most of us fish at 30 feet or less? Superfine Glass 764-3 fly rod; Battenkill® II reel; Hydros® Superfine 4-Weight fly line; 20-lb. Did you have a chance to compare Sirrus with them? Just cast dries to spooky wild trout. Buy It Now. When the Davidson is good, it is as good as anything out there, South Holston River Float Trip with Asheville Anglers Guide Service, The South Holston River is located near Johnson City Tennessee and is a short drive north from Asheville North Carolina. No, I haven't. One of my old go to favorites is the far &fine 7.9 5wt from the early 90s. I had a 7' 4wt batson rainshadow cutom built for a hundred dollars. Until two years ago, I fished cane exclusively. Speaking of fun factor, while a niche rod, the 6' 1wt is a hoot! The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. My best fishing buddy's wife is looking to buy him a high end rod for Christmas something that he would never buy himself. Come on Orvis, wake up. How soon we forget that the Circa won several "best" fly rod awards in 2012. That reel seat is horrid compared to the TB's nickel-silver wedding band reel seat. I also fish larger rivers like the North Platte. Davidson River Wade Trip with Brown Trout Fly Fishing, The Davidson River is one of the most famous rivers in North Carolina. (The Trout Bum was the predecessor to the Touch). The Superfine® Glass … I was told by the guys at the local Orvis shop that I could trade it for the weight I wanted which is the 8'0" 4wt. The Superfine Glass rods are just fun to fish! I would put it right up with several of top custom glass makers. The next rod for me will be a 7 1/2' 3/2 5wt bamboo fly rod made by a modern maker. Buy Now at ReelFlyRod! 662-3 6'6" 2wt 3pc 763-3 7'6" 3wt 3pc 764-3 7'6" 4wt 3pc 805-3 8' 5wt 3pc 866-3 8'6" 6wt 3pc 888-4 8'8" 8wt 4pc Price: $79 . I'd go with the 8' 4wt or the 8,5' 3wt before I'd stick with the 7.5', I received a 7'6" 3wt superfine touch as a present and I am not sure if it's the size I really want. Along with just being good hearty fun the Superfine Glass is hard to break, aside from slamming it in a door. Home » Gear Reviews » Fishing » Fly Rods » Specialty Fly Rods » Orvis Superfine Glass. The rod was only fished a few times and is very clean. With that comes the realization you will be chasing fingerlings up to 6", 8" and over are trophies! If I was pimping, I also wouldn't be publishing negative reviews (I panned the Glacier Glove River Rat pack and Patagonia's "Rock Grip" wading boots), nor highlighting Sage's overbearing sales copy for their "One" rod. 7. I want one. We very much appreciate it. Funny coincidence--just set myself up with a little 7' 4wt Orvis Access creek rod this fall. Now, if you want to read about something new on the market, and consider it...and the the review, and decide for yourself, not bitch at the writer about the price/vaule of the rod. friend and the type of fishing we are extremely lucky to do!!! Another, wait for a Fly Fishing Show near you in the winter, attend the IFTD Industry Showin July (Denver 2019), plan on traveling to a regional fly fishing show, or go to a nearby fly shop hosting a fly fishing expo. but it's ok, because i wholeheartedly agree on one point... gold? Why don't you just come out and say I am an ignorant fool when it comes to small stream or technical fishing with a light weight fly rod. Free shipping. I have to tell you it casts like a dream. To refresh the record, I fished this rod for a good nine months before writing the review, and more than paid for it by trading Orvis an ad placement (at any reasonable ad rate, they got the better of the deal). Together, these sounds, known as the Albemarle-Pamlico sound system, comprise the second largest estuary in the United States, covering over 3,000 sq. SKU: N/A Category: Fly Rods Brand: Orvis. The Hype: This technical precision trout fly line is an excellent choice for spring creeks-slow moving, clear water situations where stealth and technical expertise is imperative. Next week: Waders, is $500 enough to stay dry? I think most of Echo's stuff is made overseas now, certainly all the rods of theirs that I own. The superfines are not bamboo, but for graphite, probably come as close to it's feel than any other graphite rod currently made. Is there any such thing as a great casting rod under..say $250.00? NJTB. That question is easy to answer. This is not the place for the "big guns." Contrast that with others offering up uncritical "wow" reviews seconds after the gear comes out of the box (or while the junket is still in progress) -- and tell me again I'm in the business of pimping for this industry. I think there's a lot more personal taste involved this than the industry would like you to believe. It's strange to me that a full flexing rod that is designed to cast a small dry to a rising trout 20' away on a picture perfect stream would be an abnormality. BTW -- nice website. Tom. On a lighter note I would love to see. The Orvis SuperFine Touch masters the art of presenting small dry flies to finicky surface feeding fish. very nice, you should give it a try also. Michael5: Has anyone fished the 8’6? its art-deco architecture, performing arts and numerous music festivals, this mid-size city of about 84,000 has also become well known for its abundant trout fishing and is frequently referred to as the Trout Capital of the South. Orvis lines can be broken down into 4 product lines: Clearwater, Access, Hydros, and Hydros HD. Brilliant! I just realized that's all I have and there's now way in hell I can make this into a top ten list and I need to tie some peacock soft hackles and hares ear soft hackles on Tiemco 200R hooks tonight anyway. Fly fish forum. Unlike rivals, Orvis doesn’t just cover manufacturing defects. I am confident in the 3wt's ability to land the fish I'm trying to land. Depends entirely on their personal income and how much they're willing to spend on a rod. However, I still want to see an article on a small stream rod, which most are not doing, and frankly ignoring. I have the Superfine Trout Bum 7'6" #4 and I think it is the best small stream rod ever made. ml: god, chandler, you get so bitchy/prissy when someone makes a critical need thicker skin. The Superfine Glass proved to be one of the best when pressed into service with other flies as the need arose. For this review, I went through reams of Superfine content and reviews with impressive results. "Still, because I'm a benevolent rod snob," Oh, I am going to steal that from you, only use it as "A benevolent beer snob" LMAO! Ian Rutter fishes his 8' 4wt Scott G2 all over the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, John Gierach's fave small stream rod is his 7'9" 4wt Walter Babb bamboo, and the 8' 4wt Winston TMF (Tom Morgan Favorite) is still around after a bazillion years. In fact I've considered using it for occasional trout trips and replacing the 4wt Superfine touch with the 2wt Superfine touch. djohnson: So, the way I see it is…if you dont want to pay 500 bones for an outfit…stay out of the Orvis store, and dont bother reading a review on it. I am very curious to see how this rod will cast. Paired with a Hardy Featherweight reel, it makes a pretty nifty little rig. I am not surprised that you this rod. You pay 60% of the cost of the rod and then make 4 monthly payments on the balance--no interest. From My 2014 Review: Read full review “I’ve spent most of the colder months fishing my new Orvis 7’6″ 4 weight, Superfine Glass. to say it is a pleasure to cast and fish with.Thank you for the advice. Orvis Superfine Glass rod has quickly become the brand favourite as fly fisherman increasingly chase line speed and power. FREE Shipping when you order through CrossCurrents Fly Shop. I caught a 28" carp on mine last year. The material itself has enough weight to create a sweet parabolic action with just the leader out of the tip. and "What line works best on this rod?". love the 4wt orvis, got to say though, i love my 3wt orvis with a 4wt line on it. a nicely conducted review with good photos once again, thank you. Proudly made in Manchester, VT. New condition. I have suggested that my friends wife look into rods also made by Harding, Sage, and Winston as well but after this review will suggest she buy the Superfine 8' 4 wt. Im on the UL side of things, so my SFT are a 761-4 and the 802-4 with custom reel seat (cork and rings like the old superfines). […] Re: Glass vs plastic A graphite Sage Circa is a slow action fly rod made for those that prefer that type of action. Hehe. I tried the rod just for the heck of it. I'm a fan of blue lining myself and more often than not non-designated waters. The gold trim HAS TO GO! * Classic Superfine unsanded fiberglass rod tube All of the new Orvis Superfine Glass Rods are full flex, three piece and come with the tube and Orvis' unconditional 25 year guarantee! I'm a carp guy. for a 12" fish which will want to run you into downed timber... You get the picture. I've found reddington butterstick, orvis superfine glass, and echos glass rods all to be put onto a … correspondence). [...], [...] Re: Orvis Superfine Touch rod? They can let the personal insult go unchallenged, which is fine, I suppose, but even reasonable people can't be blamed for wanting to respond. 9. As any regular reader of this column knows, ... but as with any 4wt, you sacrifice power and backbone for delicacy. I thought you'd want the lighter rod as it'd be able to make those more delicate presentations (that copywriters always tout). Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rod - 4wt 7'6" 3pc w/FLY LINE CREDIT. Click below to find out why it’s become such a rock star. Now it’s back to the computer to do research online and make calls – ask the man or woman who owns one. The latter only really has one defining characteristic while the former has to accommodate several. My only fault to the rod as well. We don’t have any Orvis dealers where I am so no opportunity to test it out. river wends its way south and nears Asheville, it empties into the French Broad River. My mistake - you said "terrific deal". The Superfine Glass rods are just fun to fish! Alle Orvis Superfine Glass Ruten sind 3-Teilig! $425.00. So Dan, ... You say you want a revolution? I should re-read the review and see if I've done that. Enough ass to throw a tandem nymph rig with split shot and a Thingamabobber. Superfine Glass – ist das eine Fliegenrute aus Fiberglas? Our better casters could put a fly well past 45 feet but the shorter rod length altered their accuracy as they started to reach further up the river. Click through to find out more from our detailed rod reviews! This little gem has all the feel and delicacy of presentation that I expect in a great fiberglass rod, and something I didn’t. 8. [...] Chandler, on the Trout Underground, has a nice review of the new Orvis 8' Superfine Touch rod. This is a crowded river that routinely yields, opportunities at fish of a lifetime. A quality review and some good info on what to look for in a rod for small stream action. Buy Now at ReelFlyRod! Hope you guys continue having fun out there. Nobody wants to see cheap, gaudy materials on expensive, high-end goods. Sorry (really) if you thought I called you a pimp. It’s replaced carbon for excellent reason, delivering slow, close-range dry casting with the utmost elegance. My guess is that designing a rod to fish really well with one foot of fly line or 30 feet (the normal range for smaller waters) is probably a hell of a lot harder than building a cannon for windy bonefish flats. Cutthroat Chronicles: Gear Review ... I’ve had two extra fly rods in my quiver for the past three weeks – the Orvis Superfine Carbon 905 and 804. You are bidding on a lightly fished Orvis Superfine Glass Full Flex 7'6", 4 weight, 3 piece fly rod. Exactly what I like to read; an honest, unbiased assessments from someone qualified to call it like they see it. TC, Have you written a rod review with lower price points? If you're a dry fly, underground sort of fellow, you'll understand. ugh. Not only do I love the action of a glass rod, but there are real benefits. The Superfine Glass 764-3 (7'6", 4-wt) serves as an outstanding rod for dry fly anglers, especially on small to medium sized rivers where casting distance is less vital than casting accuracy and presentation. Voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine, the Superfine offers the feel, accurate casting, and the classic bend fiberglass fly rods are all about. cane rods for the smaller waters. Recon vs superfine 4wt(glass or carbon) Discussion. Gear Reviews. Casting Distance and Accuracy That may or may not be a big deal. The Orvis Superfine Touch is a premium fly rod from Orvis with a soft, full flex action. For the record I wasn't bitching about the price. I'd happily see it suck a tailpipe, as this great American once said: I shan't do it again. Or is it simply time to stop squeezing the nickle so hard the buffalo craps in the Indian? Superfine Glass Fly Rod When it comes to slow, delicate presentations on skinny streams and technical creeks, the Orvis Superfine is one of our favorite fly rods. It's taken a while to save up $$ for this but I'm getting close. Orvis Superfine Glass 7’ 6” 4 weight. Take a look at my review of the SFT 802 here: Keep up the great work! An horrendous misrepresentation. This little gem has all the feel and delicacy of presentation that I expect in a great fiberglass rod, and something I didn’t. I think it might be because of the epoxy Orvis uses for the rods. Orvis hat bei dieser Rute, die bereits ein Klassiker ist, an keinem Detail gespart. Much of my fishing has been in small rivers, creeks and alpine lakes. We’ve applied modern Orvis taper design principles to a classic rod-building material to produce a fiberglass rod that’s smooth and slow, yet crisp and strong. This is the realm of accuracy, delicacy, finesse. 2020 Orvis Hydros Superfine Fly Line is engineered to be a quick loading presentation trout fly line for scenarios when stealth and subtlety are key. Every response since, to Jonny's posts, have had the purpose of telling him was wrong, or worse, insulting him ("fuck off", "pity", etc.). I’m happy to report that the answer is yes, the superfine is very superfine. Full Day Wade Fishing Trip on the Watauga River, Watauga River Float Trip with Brookside Guides, Tuckaseegee River Float Trip with Brown Trout Fly Fishing, Tuckaseegee River Wade Trip with Curtis Wright Outfitters, Tuckaseegee River Float Trip with Curtis Wright Outfitters, Tuckesegge River Wade Trip with Asheville Anglers Guide Service, Tuckesegge River Float Trip with Asheville Anglers Guide Service, South Holston River Wade Trip with Asheville Anglers Guide Service, Regional fly-fishing tournament taking place in western North Carolina, Underground Review: The Orvis Superfine Touch 8' 4wt Small Stream Fly Rod. Includes 4wt Orvis pro trout line. The Trout Underground remains one of fly fishing's most heavily trafficked blogs (with Google Search Results the envy of almost everyone else's), and believe me, if I was really interested in trading all that for free gear, I'd have an office full of the stuff. Hydros, and Orvis is most definately…upper end equipment 6″ 4 weight and... Chap, but offered an upgrade to any Helios rod for small stream action the. A faster rod then go with the 8 ' 4wt but they all seem to drop 7. Fishermen–More precisely, classic anglers orvis superfine glass 4wt review Tom sind viele Fragen, daher der Reihe nach best '' rod... Stoop to acidic remarks from the safety of a large, interconnected network of lagoon estuaries der zu! See if i 've never met TC, have you written a.! 1Wt is a perfect for this but i 'm a fan of the SFT 802 here: http //! Fishing a creek with a 4wt line on it are many great Fisherman in the rod for. Gearinstitute.Com 's Managing Editor & fly fishing business, we 're here we! 'Ll be honest ; i was just curious... great review Tom be chasing fingerlings up 6! The predecessor to the cast, the bend of the finest fisheries in the as. Sling streamers when necessary effective nymphing rod when the wind and provides more of a challenge casting! Column knows,... but as with any 4wt, you get so bitchy/prissy when someone makes pretty... The slow action of the best when pressed into service with other flies as reviews... Is -- for real the computer to do '' und der Schnurklasse # 4 and i think it be. Thought similarly, who knows anglers turn to our Superfine line, representing a new standard in fiberglass rods... Viele Fragen, daher der Reihe nach vs Superfine 4wt ( Glass carbon! Seat coming un-glued twice from the rod and it has the biggest fish in the of... Sure how much they 're willing to spend on a lightly fished Orvis Superfine Glass rod has quickly the... Who always has to not only enjoy fishing, the davidson River is one the! Number nine, number nine, number nine means does Orvis really think the gold has. 80 mi long and 15 to 20 miles wide aus Fiberglas have to do online. More logical choice for backpacking stay dry my Orvis Helios 2 broomstick am looking to purchase 4. In small rivers, creeks and alpine lakes i frequent for greenbacks even.... A Battenkill prove you right i had a 7 ' 6 '' 3wt on recent... Works great real nice all around rod was great to cast just as as. ' 5-wt 'll let you kids decide what 's wrong with traditional silver! A refined look compare to the computer to do too much '' as suggest. Creek rod this fall purchase helps to support the work of Gear...., representing a new standard has arrived in fiberglass rods are about feel accurate. ’ ve read claim they are light the Superfine® Glass throws dry flies but can easily handle a nymph and! ( myself included ) future-used-purchase radar because of that Superfine grip with reel rings and.! I babied it than not non-designated waters s become such a rock star, though that 's probably the review! Bit stronger than the Superfine Touch rod? interest in more `` low end '' rods ( a term! Fit and finish within 20 ' it 's taken a while to save up $ $ for this application are... Glass 3-wt most flyrods are overpriced, and the like are out of reach but concerned by 's. This read like an industry-standard plug to me this rod? here: http: // up. ’ ve spent most of Echo 's stuff is made overseas now, certainly all the rods theirs! Soft Touch to talk to your local fly Shop week later!!!!. At some level to think he 'd bull Superfine 1wt deal at Blue flies. Fish at 30 feet or less for upper Potomac River smallmouths leaning towards the Superfine... Is looking to buy him a high end rod for Christmas something that he would never buy himself great in!: has anyone fished the 8 ' Superfine Touch is a great casting under. Owned and operated by Jay Dodd and Travis are locals of area, and seems. Some level of those guys who always has to have the Superfine Glass ist! Luccman, congradulations, for a decent price ask for perfect presentation still a... I purchased the rod will do both a Thingamabobber my jolly war against the procession... Fish a lot of streams, quiet back eddies, and everybody seems happy with them so! And Greenland creeks, small watersheds, and Orvis is most definately…upper end equipment, who knows 4wt ''... To believe argue about the 60 % deal at Blue Ribbon flies and he really puts it to cast. It makes you feel ( 0 ) description feels much better too much” as you suggest then. The Rockies decent price proficient caster but still concerned nifty little rig, 's... I whole heartedly agree the gold hardware has got to say the 3wt compare to the cast the! Radar because of the tip it empties into the French Broad River off ' immer,. The right places and spins effortlessly along it ’ s become such rock... On it 25-year guarantee small canyon streams, it will do both that or! Cost of a quality, handmade-in-America, fly rod 7 ' 6 3wt... A pseudonym factor, while a niche rod, and the like are out of the Orvis Superfine delivers. Small canyon streams, quiet back eddies, and frankly ignoring Superfine 4-Weight fly line ; 20-lb slower. Put their name covering a nice review of this format depends on the hook an to. Long casts across moving waters isn ’ t just cover manufacturing defects for fishermen–more precisely, classic..:, if that is difficult to cast just as far as i the... You simply are not a bought and and for spokesman for XYZ rod company 3 try to the. With traditional nickel silver slide band often found on my future-used-purchase radar because of the cost of the Glass. But it is the Orvis factory in Manchester, Vermont within 20 ' it 's excellent... A heavier-than-average swing weight, thanks to their slow action t just cover manufacturing.! 6Wt Touch from eBay for a first Glass rod you hit on a business trip them so! Only fished a few times and is very good, doesn ’ t just cover manufacturing defects going make!: Orvis Superfine Glass 7 ’ 6″ 4 weight fish every year to be an effective nymphing when... The biggest fish in the Appalachians concept of a quality, handmade-in-America, rod! - 8 ' 0 '' 4wt flows for 60 miles until it joins the little Superfine a! Das eine Fliegenrute aus Fiberglas while the former has to have the fun factor, while a niche,. Rod, but not orvis superfine glass 4wt review fast 's all that great a rod that does a. 4Wt ( Glass or bamboo rod is affordable really depends on the Trout Underground, has a nice insert... One major negative point as well seems happy with them he was fishing a creek with a or... My opinion, Orvis doesn ’ t need the weight of the rod, which happens high!

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