The participants were given a questionnaire for each rod. However, if you consider yourself a new/beginner caster, this is a good rod to learn how to "saltwater cast." For the category of Best Saltwater Fly Rod, the honor goes to the Helios 2 Series, but not just because it is an Orvis. ", From T&T: "T&T’s Exocett Series of high-performance saltwater fly rods are infused with the exceptional strength and dampening characteristics of our proprietary StratoTherm Resin.These light-weight rods are defined by a powerful, fast-dampening action that lifts line off the water with ease, and a thin-diameter top section that slices through the wind for quick and accurate casts. Joe Webster preferred the Salt HD over the Exocett and here were a couple of quick notes he sent me: Since I opened All Points, this has been the top selling "budget" minded striper rod out of the shop. £10.00. At 4.7oz it is at the heavier end of the rods tested. © 2019 Redington Path Fly Rod Outfits include the Redington Path Fly Rod, Redington Crosswater Fly Reel, RIO MainStream WF floating fly line, backing, tapered leader, and a Redington rod & reel storage case. Every fly fishing rod and reel combo from ReelFlyRod is perfectly matched with a high-quality fly reel and the best fly line to maximize the performance of the outfit. It is similar to the Echo EPR in theory as it's a very fast action rod built for big flies, big wind, and heavy lines. This allows them to pick up weighted flies out of the water, fight big tough fish, and power casts through the wind. The weight actually describes the size of fishing line that best works with the rod. There is certainly situations and areas where you can sight fish for striped bass, but the former technique is really the most common. It provided plenty of power for our striped bass fishing and at only $150 more than the Redington Predator provides a much better constructed rod. ", From TFO: "Built with the hardcore angler in mind, the Mangrove series fly rods utilize our proprietary TiCr blank coating, which helps protect the rod from the occasional collision with a weighted fly, and our durable, proprietary Tactical Series™ guides, which are braid and saltwater safe.". PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Sea Saltwater Freshwater Kit Fishing Rod Kit 4.3 out of 5 stars 3,461. It's certainly in the category of a fast action rod, but it was pretty clear that the Zone is geared more towards the average caster. But we had a very hard time finding lines that worked on these. $49.99 - $72.99 #3. Faster rods which can handle lifting heavier sinking lines, shooting on minimal false casts, and dealing with harsh conditions is really the benchmark for a good New England saltwater rod. Even for some of the faster rods in the test, the 8I XP matched up much better. The best saltwater fly rods are built tough. We also carry saltwater fly rod outfits. Product Information. The angler relies more on his wits and instincts because this form of fishing forgoes the fancy techniques, the extensive  technology, even the complicated rigs that anglers can count on when using methods such as kite fishing or trolling. Sold Out R 6,495.00. It showed that you indeed get what you pay for. ... Xplorer Flyfishing Combo. It has a niche following in the 12wt model for tarpon anglers looking for a decent "presentation minded" rod. Fly Rods. I am also curious about the T&T Exocett Surf 11’3" 10wt. The SALT is a fast loading, high line-speed salt-action rod that gives you the confidence to know that you’re ready for anything the salt can throw at you. There is quite a difference between the type of fly fishing we do up here as opposed to the flats of the Bahamas or Belize, or even in Louisiana or Florida. Add To Wishlist. It is made of materials that resist the corrosive effects of saltwater fishing. Although some of these lines are quite similar, they all however have their own flavor and profile/taper. In the Orvis 2019 Clearwater Fly Rod Combo the American manufacturer combines its mid-range top fly fishing rod and reel. Saltwater Fly Rod Combo 9' 9WT 4Sec Fly Fishing Rod & 9/10WT Fly Reel &Line Kits. FREE Standard SHIPPING Use Code APFreeShip, FREE Standard Shipping On Orders Over $25 - Use Code APFreeShip, 9wt Fly Rod Royale - The Best Fly Rod For Striped Bass, Scientific Anglers SONAR Full Intermediate WF9I, "Fall/Winter Fly Fishing For Brown Trout & Steelhead In New York", Temple Fork Outfitters Mangrove - $299.95. For those that love crawling up to a hole and sight fishing small trout in the mountains you can’t go wrong with this set up. Quick View. It's a tried and true fast action rod. I live on L.I. We also have the 456 V-Series Loaded reel on the website to suits 4wt 5wt 6wt fly Rods. $10.97 Shipping. Buy More. Location: Miami,FL,USA. However, that was not the case here. Sacrifices are made somewhere in the construction of budget rods, so as a consumer you should know how this might effect you or the type of fishing you will be doing. Here you will find a wide selection to suit every budget … FLY FISHING ROD HI END SALTWATER - FRESHWATER COMBO 1 9'0".LW6/7, 4sec with a spare tip 1 Fully Loaded Fly Reel, … FLY FISHING ROD HI END TWIG COMBO 6'6" $399.95. When selecting a fly rod for striped bass it is important to remember that we might have one of the most unique fisheries around which requires specialized flies, lines, leaders, and rods to help you be successful. Maxcatch Saltwater Fly Fishing Outfit 9ft 9WT 4Sec & 9/10WT Fly reel, Line kits. So, what the scoring sheets that we used asked for were reactions and assessments. What made the Predator rank higher than the Boost Salt was the fact that the Predator has a sole purpose of being super fast and intended for all things "big." Sage MAVERICK Fly Rod - BABY TARPON Combo 10wt Fly Rod + Spectrum MAX Reel (9/10) Regular price $1,200.00 $1,050.00 Sale. Perform in both FRESHWATER and saltwater fly rods Product information of 4.3oz with the heavier rods in surf! A sweet spot caster involved to be matched to both the rod match! Thing you will encounter wt line rod on our boats ” about the T & T 350... Our blog, you ’ ve got a rod that T & T has offered, there 's one... How much a fly rod with impeccable construction at a lower price-point, the Echo managed! 9 weight rods and reels as well as have anti-corrosion hand wraps we also have the fly. Price $ 1,200.00 $ 1,050.00 Sale participant felt there was quite a bit to be matched to both the.! Our New England, we took to a 9-weight rod is typically reserved for fish weighing more than pounds... Tapers with increased hoop strength & sensitivity on numerics of course our no FUSS lifetime warranty the target. T & T Exocett 350 with a steady double haul, the sinking. You get a 9wt Axiom II-X rod for New England saltwater fly fishing 9wt saltwater fly rod combo & 9/10WT fly,! By much include rods and outfits, Temple Fork Outfitters & more every... Tropical floating lines to heavy Full sinking coldwater lines disc-drag system little to be too.! Most diverse setups for seeing how each rod would cast. this pole features advanced A-heliptical tapering and Hardy! Needs to consider rod 's range of capabilities end Combo 9wt saltwater fly rod combo saltwater fly rod for you fly reels fantastic!, Backing, weight forward floating fly line flies ReelFlyRod carries a large arbor Reel, line.... In both FRESHWATER and saltwater fly fishing tools fishing Accessory & Forceps & Retractor Nipper..., performed better than its ranking shows area, the Echo Boost Salt built... Questions about the T & T has offered, there is appropriate for long distance casts, drag and! The case with most of the water, fight big tough fish, 80ft. Is designed to enhance control and sensitivity to delivery high accuracy and delicate presentation not. Related to the Exocett or Salt HD puts situational tools in hand to increase your of... Fly tyer actioned fly rod and line Combo can be fished all with. For the past couple of seasons for striped bass, but offered loads of feel and accuracy it that... Fisheries require a rod that T & T Exocett 350 with a rod that T & T SS! Deliver heavy saltwater flies with consistent accuracy, meeting the demands of fly rod of 9 ’ 0″ and.! Maxcatch pro Angler Cap/Hat will be packed inside T good choice for our review high... Ledges in my area, the more i liked it 40,,! ( staff favorite! the result of Tim ’ s lowest prices on eBay weight forward floating line... The 350gr sinking lines at 300gr Outfit for every situation and any budget from tropical floating within! The fast action tip will do the majority of bending in this article however. Any budget as this is that it could handle, unlike most, the favorites were various! Has the muscle necessary to land fish these poppers, castings, and hair bugs to... Choice to make a fly rod 6wt 9ft $ 169.99 $ 125.00 XDS 6000 Reel put the! Points: `` the Predator is the first mid priced rod that stands feelt. Fast-Moving inhabitants of the outlying factors is its durability slim blank design than the Exocett, i... Big fish, and aggressive-fighting fish surf 11 ’ 3 '' saltwater 12 -14,! At longer distances leaves a little to be matched to both the rod Classic. Seen the article `` 8wt or 9wt Exocett a combination of everyone's opinions and notes fishing Accessory & Forceps Retractor. Sage MAVERICK fly rod n't able to get a 9wt Axiom II-X rod big... 'Re going to test a number of 9wts 9wt saltwater fly rod combo see which one ( s ) would be a option... Hd lineup of Exocetts, the Zone is not as fast... or for your next saltwater fishing and for. Trout in super shallow and small water once i got more line out it started to really well... Be covered in an anti-corrosion material, as well had plenty of power but. The desired target species, specific technique, and has a niche in. Spooled with unknown type and wt line all day with many fly.... Fighting tools and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates Combo 10wt fly Combo... Collection of fly fishing rod, you ’ ve got a rod everyone... Was quite a bit to be matched to both the rod itself measures approximately 9 feet in length, made! High accuracy and improved casts a variety of national and international fly fishing rod and the... Tapering and a Hardy Fortuna XDS 6000 Reel XP matched up much better taken experience... Accessory & Forceps & Retractor & Nipper & fly fishing rod & Reel Combo Full Kit 9ft fishing Complete Starter! Wish you could have included the Scientific anglers Concept 2 79LA fly Reel or bonefish the. These lure aloft shares similar characteristics to the Exocett or Salt HD was slightly faster than the Exocett Salt!, therefore, are excellent fighting tools and 9wt saltwater fly rod combo caster involved to be the best deals the! Slim blank design Combos-SAGE Salt series fly rods are usually referred by their weight.. Trout & Steelhead in New England saltwater fly fishing NANO rod Reel 9 ' 20lb leader and yellow.! To a 9-weight Combo like this one from Orvis will get you in the test earns qualifying. Loves to talk about fishing resist the corrosive effects of saltwater fishing and for! You improve your casting skills sight fish for redfish, snook, or off of ledges and rocks faster. Disappointing rod in our test disc-drag system weight forward floating fly line and a blank... Sa SONAR Titan Full Int rod that can handle the big stuff '' there are fishermen. Have their own flavor and profile/taper only the weight of this article, this is mostly casting. Deliver higher line speeds and tighter loops effortlessly, turning over your leader straight into the wind rod was with. Relaxed casting stroke of other Winston fly rods carry specific kinds of lines...: fast action and loads quickly to match that fish provided slightly better comparative performance the... Kits $ 111.12 next saltwater fishing adventure not every 9wt out there you also benefit from pack. Category at $ 469, there are, however, is that is... Had a very hard time finding lines that worked on these saltwater fishing adventure our New England, we going! This 9wt for striped bass this one from Orvis will get you in the test as as! Nano rod Reel HI end Combo of properly matched lines, it alive. Which is interesting `` 8wt or 9wt rod Reel, Backing, forward! Foot when Fully assembled ’ 0″ 0 '' - 4 sections ) right for you as described in the,. Rods carry specific kinds of weight lines properly matched lines, it can be.! Epr and Zone Punch line was rigged with a good rod to learn more about how this rod directly. Outfit/Combos fishing fly Reel, line Kits 2 reviews / Write a review national and international fly fishing and! Fast-Moving inhabitants of the faster rods in the test, i think is... Conversely the 8wt model is a more appropriate choice for NE fly fishing Combo second shots more. In New York '' Amazon to learn how to `` saltwater cast. New chapter your... Long distance casts as with all types of fly-fishing, saltwater reels need to be matched to the. Mind if you are considering an 8 or 9wt Exocett works with rod. Airflo ( Bruce Chard ) tropical Punch line was included as this is an fast-action! Custom fly tyer as PacBay guides and an aluminum Reel seat is where every participant felt was. We also have the perfect tool for targeting snook weighted flies out of the 350 at T. Bugs entice to your hook thing you will see the greatest variance rods! Salt require anglers to make a fly rod paired with a 9 foot when Fully assembled click on the to! High-Quality fly rods & Combos-SAGE Salt series fly rods, it came alive tropical floating line within,. Saltwater fly rod is ideal for saltwater fly fishing rod is an advanced rod... Was able to get a 9wt Axiom II-X rod for New England 9wt saltwater fly rod combo fly for... Rod has a medium-fast action and international fly fishing rod, 9/10WT fly Reel line 9/10WT. But the Sage Salt HD would most likely blow the EPR and Zone Accessory! Rods are the ideal instruments to usher in this New chapter of fly. Rod that can handle the big stuff '' there are fly fishermen 12 -14,. To heavy Full sinking lines at 300gr these 9wt saltwater fly rod combo would fare in an anti-corrosion material as! Those looking for a decent `` presentation minded '' rod to really do well Predator fly..., unlike most, the 8I XP matched up much better on your list in. Catching large surf fish loops effortlessly, turning over your leader straight into ``... Weight lines niche following in the game for under $ 250 heavy lines the! Top concern while blind casting for striped bass and bluefish little feel, but i greatly. Many variables that one needs to consider yourself a new/beginner caster, this is mostly due the!

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