If you meet the qualification and/or work experience requirements of the lists, this means your Essential Skills Work visa application is likely to be facilitated by this new measure. What are the changes? That’s it – the four essential things to have for an Essentials Skills work visa Your checklist items are essential, definitely, but the not the only requirements for an Essential Skills visa. The specific visa types are: • Essential Skills • Approval In Principle • Talent (Accredited Employer) • Work to Residence – Long-term Skill Shortage List Occupation • Silver Fern (Practical Experience) • Silver Fern (Job Search) Significant changes ahead for employer-assisted work visas: What you need to know You’ll still need to meet general requirements too, such as health and character requirements. When is the list applicable from? These changes are going live on 27 May 2019. We also seek any … You can apply for an Essential Skills work visa if you have specialist skills that New Zealand needs, and. Job offers paying below the median wage require employers to pass the labour market test * and secure a Skills Match Reports from WINZ (work visas granted for a maximum of 6 months). The median wage usually changes every November). Changing Employers If you are an O-1 nonimmigrant in the United States and want to change employers, the new employer must file Form I-129 with the USCIS office listed on the form instructions. Changes the Government announced last year to improve the employer assisted temporary work visa system are coming into effect on 27 July 2020. The proposed immigration changes the government recently have announced is looking to close the door to residency for many of what the government call “lower-skilled” workers by raising the salary threshold to $78,000 or $37.50 per hour based on a 40-hour working week for Work to Residence work visas. Essential Skills work visas. These changes are the result of extensive lobbying and feedback gathered through the consultation process the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment recently undertook. Vietnam amended the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam resulting in some changes to immigration, visas, and work permits. the occupation is listed on one of our skill shortage lists, or; employers are unable to find a suitable New Zealand citizen or resident for the job. They may not work in the United States under this classification, but they may participate in full-time or part-time study on an O-3 visa. Changes the Government announced last year to improve the employer assisted temporary work visa system came into effect on 27 July 2020. Most work visa applications in New Zealand are essential skills work visa applications.When assessing an application Immigration New Zealand (INZ) must be satisfied that there are no suitably qualified New Zealand citizens (or residence class visa holders) available to do the work through a Labour Market […] Essential Skills work visa applications now assessed based on the current median wage (NZD $25.50 or more per hour. Importance of advertising as part of labour market check? The combination of ANZSCO and salary to assess skill level is being replaced with a simple remuneration threshold, aligned to the national median wage calculated by Statistics NZ. The Minister of Immigration, Hon Michael Woodhouse, has announced policy changes to the Essential Skills work visa category. Changes aim to create an employer-led simplified work visa system. Until that point, a combination of ANZSCO and salary was used to assess skill level, but this has been replaced with a simple remuneration threshold, aligned to the current national median wage of $25.50 per hour as calculated by Statistics NZ. Currently there are six work visa categories: essential skills, approval in principle, talent (accredited employer), work to residence – long term skill shortage list, and Silver Fern visas. Essential Skills work visas – Remuneration and median wage. We seek the release of any information related to the Essential Skills Work Visa Policy changes, of particular interest are: Any documents or correspondence from the Minister of Immigration reporting back to Cabinet on the outcomes of the consultation and any changes to the proposals and any implementation plan including the financial implications of the proposals.

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