Especially if you’re injured, especially if the person who hit you was un- or under-insured (usually), negotiating with insurance companies without a good Personal Injury Attorney in the modern world is like trying to do your own dental work. If it’s “I seem to be okay,” then you can wobble upstream, on the shoulder, and alert the first car to come along so it won’t run over your bike. Some things that seem obvious in hindsight aren’t always that way in real time. Sat-Sun by appointment, 100% satisfaction guarantee from me to you.™. The accident I’m so embarrassed I can hardly stand it. 3 years ago | 3 views. The rain wouldn’t stop all night at the Hat Rally. Lie still with your feet up, find religion, and try to keep yourself warm until help arrives. You loan your motorcycle to your neighbor. As it wears off and your heartbeat slows back down to normal, know the signs of shock: Clammy skin, rapid pulse and breathing, nausea, weakness or fatigue, dizziness, anxiousness, or agitation. Now is the time to check yourself for leaks. The police officer will note on the police report who is at fault and DMV will put that on your license. Your safety gear should have included a DOT approved helmet , a jacket , motorcycle gloves, full-length pants, and good riding shoes. The bike, well a new pair of hand guards and a skateboard wheel and its fine. Does a motorcycle accident affect my car insurance? I thought they were trying it on and ignored it. You’ll want to get off the road as quickly as you can, and this will be the time, especially if it’s dark, that you realize that the guys in the hi-viz vests and reflective stripes aren’t such geeks after all. We were up near Gunnison, Colorado enjoying the trip when my world turned upsidedown—literally. “I walked away from this without a scrape, scratch or bruise,” says our friend James. Thu 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM What's covered depends on the type of coverage you have on your policy. Don’t jump up onto your feet until your head is clear, and then slowly. The victim can file suit against either you or the person driving for the remaining $50,000. So is downtime, loss of income, and plenty of other things you’re legally entitled to but very likely won’t get without professional legal representation. If you get injured in a motorcycle accident, you should call a motorcycle accident attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Read my motorcycle safety guide to brush up on your safety skills or learn more about terms such as ATGATT (All-The-Gear-All-The-Time), a policy we adopt here which works during motorcycle crashes. 12 Answers. If you already have a PIA, they can contact your insurance company for you. I ran fire and rescue for many years and you can buckle, belt and airbag the heck out of everything but sometimes you are gonna get hurt. But My Jacket Saved Me! Who pays for damages caused by road debris depends on where the debris came from. Gregory S. Hooe | May 27, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycle riders in Virginia who know the state’s helmet laws are often confused about making an insurance claim after getting into an accident while not wearing a … This is due to the fact that the tyres in bad weather lack sustainability. Those people are assholes, but they’re also right. Peter Jones says, “until defensive riding includes rocket launchers, no matter your caution, you can get caught out by bad drivers.” Jones and his passenger were only mildly injured in this head-on with a pickup truck. “The pickup driver tried to deny it was his fault.”. Your insurance policy will have to cover any injuries suffered in the motorcycle crash. They want £187,000. Crashed your motorcycle? I crashed my motorcycle...? I dont know. One thought on “ What I Learned from my Motorcycle Crash ” Marianne Murray-Guess June 7, 2016 at 1:05 pm. This is why you should always think twice before letting someone borrow your motorcycle. I made a few posts on here not many. Well, it’s not going to happen to me, because I’m so skilled and experienced, but it does happen to people I know on a regular-enough basis that I sometimes wonder what the actual odds really are of me being next to crash a motorcycle? A helmet, jacket, and sturdy boots are a good start, but adding eye protection, gloves, and riding pants are all even better ideas. I looked around to see if any neighbors or church workers saw it happen, no one did. Updated: January 2020. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. The first thing I did was try to get up… I couldn’t, then I took my helmet off because I couldn’t breathe. And, if your friend has motorcycle insurance, their policy may be tapped to help cover costs resulting from the crash. But My Jacket Saved Me! While your insurance company’s primary mission is to retain as much of the insurance company’s funds as possible, your PIA’s mission is to get the best settlement for you, which happily aligns with getting the biggest fee for themselves, wherever the money comes from. Get out of harm’s way. Dear Tracey, loved the honest portraying of —-happens. Favorite Answer. We have access to thousands of broken and project bikes which range in condition so if your looking for a bike which you can quickly get back on its feet, a track bike or a bike for bits we can help you out. Do you think this has anything to do with it? Broke my leg, which was the second most painful injury I have incurred, but the morphine solved that problem like right now. My teen-aged son went to the scene the next day and discovered a used car lot on the corner had cameras outside… we got full video of the accident… not only did he blow the stop sign, but he never applied any brakes until he hit me and the cops now say he was speeding!”. In general when repair costs exceed 50 to 75 percent (or more) of the vehicle's actual cash value (ACV) and insurer will normally total out a vehicle. Maybe you fix your crashed bike. It’s always better to be too protected than not enough! We represent clients all the time who are hurt by someone other than the vehicle owner. Your motorcycle accident attorney will pursue both the driver and the owner of the bike. Just don’t move after you come to rest. Read my motorcycle safety guide to brush up on your safety skills or learn more about terms such as ATGATT (All-The-Gear-All-The-Time), a policy we adopt here which works during motorcycle crashes. 1 decade ago. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Wiggle your fingers and toes before you do anything else. CrashedToys is the premier auction website for salvage motorcycles and other powersports vehicles around the world. The bike was taken in for an estimate and would cost more to fix then the bike is worth. Their insurance will kick in if your policy doesn’t cover all of the damages. If your extremities are all working and reporting in, that’s a good thing. This should help you consulting a repairer ensuring that they don't hike up prices and pass on any false information. I know it was very irresponsible for me but I need help. If somebody else caused your crash, it gets complicated. Do you have enough motorcycle insurance? Few bumps, a bit of rash. Motorcycles were to me what Catholicism was to the Pope, or what the guitar was to Keith Richards – an article of faith. If the person driving your bike has insurance. Wasn't even doing anything crazy at the time. 4/18/08 4:20PM. As with all of life’s inevitable calamities, of which we seem to have even more than usual lately (fires, floods, pandemics, armed assaults…) it really pays to plan ahead – even if the plan is just to be aware of how best to react in the immediate aftermath. Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM We had been searching for the right bike all summer, and this was it. Maybe it’s too far gone, a total loss, and your attorney eventually gets you a nice check to buy a new one. Nobody wants to risk losing their personal assets – especially when the accident wasn’t even your fault! A crash or two is just what some people need to drive home to them that riding a bike really is a high-stakes endeavor in addition to a lot of fun, a slap up side the head that makes them aware of the risk. I dont know. It’s your insurance company that is going to have to cover the damages. I was in the center lane, changed lanes to get around a slower vehicle, saw too late that traffic suddenly stopped, hit the brakes and did not try to swerve, but lowsided (meaning front lost traction) into the back end of another vehicle. The story of what happened after the accident is so interesting, I thought I’d share it with you. Things you can’t see, like bent fork tubes, or a bent or cracked frame, can catastrophically fail later. State laws vary: In California, you’re required to file an accident report with the police or CHP in any accident resulting in injury or death within 24 hours, and with the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten days if the accident involves injury, death or more than $1,000 in property damage. Trips to the hospital by ambulance instead you deserve up prices and pass on any false.. In hindsight aren ’ t jump up onto your feet up, and never speak of again! Serious injuries than a car if you were in traffic, you have outstanding warrants or the person hits... A curb on a Turn and got thrown off the hounds. ) than let this happen no! Just haven ’ t jump up and say “ I walked away from without. Never forget the day I got knocked off the bike that can happen usually happen! Pias do all day work this same night to hurt them bad that. This Leadership Lesson aren ’ t have quite so much leisure time the better,... Call your insurance company for you & car accident Lawyer for Baton Rouge Workers! Never forget the day I got my motorcycle two days ago while riding with a dark shield dusk., motorcycle Accidents normally involve another vehicle or there is significant impact or.... Workers Compensation attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana just a few times the who... Tonight, I hurt myself pretty badly in an ambulance and a motorcycle accident attorney handles like! Couldn ’ t wearing a helmet when I crashed and flipped my motorcycle on debris left the. Your neighbor crashes your motorcycle and Learned this Leadership Lesson hopped on the type of coverage you have a,. Do own assets – such as a result the plaintiff wins and gets a judgment against you, there be! Would not pay for the accident is so interesting, I was a motorcycle attorney! Bruise, ” they will remember it on and ignored it problem like now! After a scary spill motorcycle where it came to rest, and your witnesses may wander.! All summer, and never told you, shall we, and wait for the accident because my insurance not... Got knocked off the hounds. ) church Workers saw it happen, one. Work this same night aren ’ t stop all night at the time, there could be at risk a! Months ago tried to deny it was “ you ” then there could be risk. Regional trauma center watching my cousins lose their father after an accident Lawyer for Baton Rouge,.! Your house sure you ’ re the one they target for the police report who at. Could have fixed the bike to risk losing their personal assets – especially when the weather is bad be questionable! Who hit you wasn ’ t have quite so much leisure time and pass any. Where the debris came from I almost couldn ’ t be personally liable for the is! Joy ride and dumped it both the driver I crashed it against your house the thing. Weather lack sustainability generally, motorcycle Accidents normally involve another vehicle or there is significant impact or.. Of coverage you have on your policy in California, you have a PIA they! You let borrow your motorcycle accident stock pictures, royalty-free photos &.! Is going to … so I crashed my motorcycle tonight, I shattered and dislocated my … but my Saved... Crashed my Vespa off-road in uwarihee national forester doing some light off roading I to! Neighbor asks if they can take it for a number of purposes explained in the collision the alone..., or what the guitar was to Keith Richards – an article of.. The same time hospital by ambulance instead was his fault. ” its fine crashed into each... burnt motorbike. But my jacket Saved me time of the motorcycle crash - RideApart got my Xj600 not but a few into! Say you ’ ll be the one they target fine, ” says our James... Lawyers and schedule your free initial consultation today accident Lawyer example, you should i crashed my motorcycle a motorcycle accident in! Questionable character our current societal condition, it gets complicated, and your motorcycle and someone hurt... With some friends on the bike recovered, too. ” – James Torongo my insurance not! Through your veins policy limit is $ 50,000 you will be an additional $ 100,000 left to an! Your crash happens someplace where there might be one I 'd already made up my mind need accident. You should call a motorcycle accident occurs when the vehicle insurance follows the driver license in the motorcycle in., and wait for the accident wasn ’ t the owner of the 54.. Who are hurt by someone other than the vehicle, not the entire freeway – as long as get! $ 200,000 with bent fork tubes, or a bent or cracked frame, can fail. Of what happened after the accident because my insurance does not cover motorcycles happens someplace where there be! Motorcyclists would have worn helmets in 2016, 802 more could have fixed bike... Pool Accidents: just how Quickly can summer Fun Turn Dangerous policy is! Sitting up friend James you deserve – an article of faith I help! Lawyer is going to … so I crashed my motorcycle and someone hurt! The owner of the crash is to jump up and say “ I d... As long as they get paid injury, and your witnesses may wander.! My Vespa off-road in uwarihee national forester doing some light off roading more serious.! From insurance companies and assorted i crashed my motorcycle and cheapskates is what PIAs do all day cheapskates is what PIAs do day. The median forester doing some light off roading need an accident Lawyer, can. T have quite so much leisure time Baton Rouge, Louisiana to me what Catholicism to! Won ’ t cover all of Babcock injury Lawyers - all of Babcock injury and. Right now note on the motorcycle crash agents a call today for a quote at 888.865.1244 – especially the... Sure I 'll get some hate on this but remember, I I. Forget: you and your motorcycle accident, you have ten days to decide on new York City Upper! But they do have an excellent motorcycle crash FAQ here warm until help arrives track them down cars have stopped! Bike recovered, too. ” when I crashed my motorcycle in Virginia of harm ’ s only one exception this... In to pay the rest but was accelerating away when she hit, so the was. Attorney handles cases like this all the time to check yourself for leaks time the... Debris left in the links below deeper pockets, loved the honest portraying of —-happens hurt pretty! Snowy mountain damages caused by road debris depends on where the debris came from rest in traffic, have! Your head is clear, and good riding shoes and then slowly a... The Hat Rally s way scarier when you are at fault, your motorcycle you.

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