I recently had a chance to read through this beautiful cookbook by Karista Bennett which is Inspired by Oregon’s local bounty. Printed in Portland, Oregon. Pacific Wonderland plates were used through 1964. Pacific Wonderland 9Z-3648. The Trump administration has slashed more than 3 million acres of protected habitat for the northern spotted owl in Oregon, Washington and northern California, much of it in prime timber locations in Oregon's coastal ranges. Cotton/Polyester stretch knit. Oregon has a quite a few different license plate styles with different things on them, but none include a motto. "Oregon: It's OR-EE-GUN, you idiot!" For those who love all the beauty Oregon has to offer (or didn't want to drop 100 bucks on a cool license plate). The coolest slogan ever stamped on beaver state plates was discontinued back in the ‘60s. Deschutes thought that kind of beauty and wonderment needed a beer that captures the adventure. Cotton/Polyester stretch knit. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100.00 | LOCAL PICK-UP AVAIABLE . Printed in Portland, Oregon. I travel a lot, and have become a bit of a nerd about plates and I have yet to see one that makes me smile as much as that one does. Complete an Application for Registration, Renewal, Replacement or Transfer of Plates and/or Stickers (Form 735-268). Oregon SB472 2015 Increases maximum number of Pacific Wonderland registration plates that may be issued Dedicates moneys raised from Pacific Wonderland registration plates that are allocable to Oregon State Capitol Foundation to funding general purposes of foundation Declares emergency effective on passage. The Oregon State Capitol Foundation is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. 0. Oregon issued the original Pacific Wonderland plates for five years between 1959 and 1964. Please check with your tax advisor. Printed in Portland, Oregon. Passengers 1988-Curr. The Pacific Wonderland license plate has always been my absolute favorite plate of all 50 states. SPECS SIZE Ships only to the U.S. But, like a long-time Oregonian, it still makes an unforgettable statement today. $79.99 . Salmon plate: $60 to order. 1968 Oregon License Plate BBJ 951 Blue Yellow Ford Chevy . The Pacific Northwest, sometimes referred to as Cascadia, is a region in western North America and bound to the east by Cascade Mountain Range and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.Although there is no official boundary defining the geographical region, the area includes the Candian province of British Columbia and the US states of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100.00 | LOCAL PICK-UP AVAIABLE. Non-Profit Group Plates. This style is still being used today on some of Oregon's plates. "Pacific Wonderland" This Oregon slogan was introduced on licence plates in the 1960s. Printed in Portland, Oregon. http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2009/SB961/ Activity in the Oregon Legislature on Senate Bill 961 I saw that Since You Asked column about the tree at the center of the plate — Who knew? Beautiful 1964 Oregon "Pacific Wonderland" License Plate with a September expiration. Sitemap 1976 Plate Page Y2K+6 Page Join ALPCA Today! Oregon schoolchildren originally created the Pacific Wonderland license plate in honor of Oregon's 100th birthday. Contact Info Updates Links Sign Guestbook View Guestbook 4, October 2020 Pacific Wonderland License Plate Effective September 2020 Pacific Wonderland License Plate In September 2020, DMV ordered additional Pacific Wonderland license plates and exhausted the current configuration that start with a 9. A very fitting name for a beautiful state full of great views and great beers. APPAREL; SOUVENIRS & GIFTS; HOME & DECOR; 514 NW COUCH ST, … … Menu. 1989 Vintage Oregon License Plate NVM 018. "Oregon: Spotted Owl, It's What's For Dinner" "Oregon, The Beaver State" "Oregon: As Pretty as California, but not as Weird" "Oregon, America's Hairiest State Since 1859!" Learn about the many ways you can help us preserve Oregon’s legacy and help shape the future of our state, including: Donations to the general fund. $4.99 shipping. Oregon license plates were plain and functional except for the occasional red (issued in 1916, 1920 and 1924). Pacific Wonderland plate. There is currently no way to check custom messages online. $39.99. Provide alternative choices for your custom message. See photos-- this plate is nearly perfect-- a little denting around the top attachment bolts. The gold on blue era included included a four-year run of “Pacific Wonderland” plates ordered as part of Oregon’s statehood centennial celebration in 1959. 1965 through 1974 plates used a new numerical style, the plates had three letters followed by three numbers. Around 60 years ago, “Pacific Wonderland” started showing up on license plates in Oregon to celebrate the state’s 100th birthday. $5.00 shipping. He said the Crater Lake theme is the most popular special plate, followed by the antique-styled Pacific Wonderland plate, then Portland Trail Blazers and Wine Country. Any questions, please contact us before bidding/buying. 32, No. Back in the day all state plates had the phrase "Pacific Wonderland" this phrase is far from forgotten and is revisited in this great design from Little Bay Root. $60 to renew for 2 years. Pacific Wonderland plate: $100 to order. $60.00. Wear this über-soft tee and celebrate Oregon’s natural wonderland from a vintage vantage. These were issued with monthly expirations-- collect each month! Spotted in Portland This is the optional "retro" plate Oregon is issuing in celebration of the state's 150th birthday. $6.00 shipping. The original plate of this type was the standard issue in Oregon from 1959 to 1964. So, to celebrate this new lager… $30 to renew for 2 years. The special registration plates above (except for the Pacific Wonderland plate) can be personalized for an additional fee. Oregon’s state tree — but it seems like I see a lot of plates on the road that don’t have that tree. Cotton/Polyester stretch knit. Passengers 1972-1987 Passengers 1946-1971 Passengers before 1946 Specials/Colleges PUC's and Samples Oddballs. Wine Country plate: $30 to order. Oct 16, 2019 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1962 Oregon License Plate / 2Z-8576 Pacific Wonderland at the best online prices at eBay! These can now be seen all over our local streets. 2000 CUSTOM OREGON LICENSE PLATE COLLECTIBLE REAGLE. Free shipping for many products! I wrote/directed this film for Deschutes Brewery. We went old-school-Oregon on this one. DMV Administrator’s Office 1905Lana Avenue NE Salem, Oregon 97314 Vol. Oregon Pacific Wonderland Blue Plate (1960-64): We’re fans of great slogans that reflect the physical beauty of a state. Free shipping. The license plates featured the colors of the state flag, a blue background with yellow font and had the words "Pacific Wonderland" below the letters and numbers. Apparently, there's plenty of time before the 40,000 plates torn from the yester-highways are gone. $79.95. DESCRIPTION This patch brings a fun look in pastel tones bearing the term “Pacific Wonderland.” This was a moniker developed by the state for license plates in the ‘60’s, and they were so popular they brought it back in 2010 . Back in the day all state plates had the phrase "Pacific Wonderland" this phrase is far from forgotten and is revisited in this great design from Little Bay Root. 1960's Oregon PACIFIC WONDERLAND License Plate # 2 : 138. All or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. or Best Offer. In 1961 Oregon went away from the metal year tabs and started using a year sticker instead. See our page on Applying for Specialty License Plates for application information. 0. The State of Oregon is 100 percent beautiful (and not just the coastal part). Oregon Navigation. Oregon 1924 License Plate, 23-162, Nice Quality, Original Paint.

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