He is trapped in a contraption with music playing. But purchase a full sized copy and keep up with the connections! The incestuousness of these relationships are fairly out of control. Regardless, we learn from Hannah that Aleksander is actually Boris Niewman, and that he has two different passports. And that we will see this struggle more clearly come season 2. Dark Season 1 explained! Claudia was the first female to take over at the Winden Nuclear Power Plant and in so doing she learns that there was an accident there. The first and most obvious one is that he actually isn’t dead. Verified Episode 3 Time Traveling: None that I could see directly. They even walk through the exact same spot, only separated by 33 years, and a doorway further down the cave. Theseus came to slay the Minotaur. And out of the blue, a boy’s body falls through a rift. Good. I listed all of the key players of each of the families, and I also linked the players together. Your email address will not be published. Take the greek mythology, that is cited with the play about Ariadne. Learn how your comment data is processed. Why are the children missing? Helge sees this happening and heads home to get belittled by his mother for getting dirty. But why?!? Something I quite don’t understand is why Yasin and Erik are abducted. We learn that the 33 year closed loop cycle extends out beyond 2019. But then Ines, the nurse, and Mikkel’s future adoptive mother, takes Mikkel out to the hospital. The Stranger stops him. The past doesn’t just influence the future, the future also influences the past,” Tannhaus continues. And we see that Ulrich as imprisoned for the “death” of Helge. The Stranger lets Tannhaus know that he has in fact traveled in time. This is going to get interesting. It magnifies the flaws, the infidelities. We haven’t been provided with a clear explanation for why Mikkel/Michael hangs himself in 2019, but my guess is that he has spent 33 years since his jump to 1986 planning a Houdini escape plan that will be triggered by his suicide in order to disrupt the timeline in such a way as to cause events to change in a way that will result in his return to his 1986 childhood, but which will not then end up with his disappearance, allowing him to live happily as a child with his family. A little while later in the episode, Charlotte learns that Helge was abducted as a child in 1953. Noah believed he was working towards a greater purpose: to elevate humanity by controlling time travel, which would make it possible to re-arrange events and escape the pre-determined cycle of suffering. She is the one pulling together the league of the light in order to fight back against Noah and the order of the shade. In episode 1 when Peter calls Charlotte he want to tell her something but he fails, it ocurried to my mom that maybe he wanted to tell her that he found Mads body in the bunker, so if that´s true, when Mads body drops, that happens before they find him in the forest. He’s in 1986. The time loop reminded me of Stephen King’s time loop in The Dark Tower series. No pure human being exists. So Ulrich now knows that it was Helge, and the question wasn’t if the elderly man had abducted boys, but when. I was thinking Helge brought them back to 1953 to try and stop the nuclear plant from being built. The dead boy. But it did keep Helge from meeting with Egon for his follow-up interview so there is that. Btw, really enjoyed your episode break-downs, thanks for the hard work! You say in your recap that Helge is dragging Yasin away in 1986, but I think the chair worked (somewhat), and sent Yasin from 1986 to 1953, but he died in the process (and dropped on the floor, hence the scrubbing). But because Ulrich had also lost a brother, Mads, in his youth, his entire family is fairly overwhelmed by the recent missing child. Is there any free will or is everything aleady destined to happen? Wait! Meanwhile, Ulrich attempts to get into the Nuclear Power Plant, but is not allowed. Last summer, we played The Dark Sands: War in North Africa, 1940-42 from GMT Games for the first time and really had an enjoyable time exploring this hex and counter game on the war in North Africa during World War II. While there she was also given the book, “Journey Through Time”, by Tannhaus, from Helge. Kresley Cole is an American romance writer who lives in Florida with her family, and is perhaps best known for the paranormal series Immortals After Dark. When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. Following the timeline in 1986, Claudia Tiedemann – who is Regina’s mother, and Egon’s daughter – becomes the first female nuclear power plant director. One fate tied to the next. Well done!! Now, about that cabin. Michael Kahnwald was originally Mikkel Nielsen, who travelled through time from 2019 to 1986 and grew up with adoptive mother Ines Kahnwald, keeping his real identity a secret. If you would prefer to not have the show spoiled, please go watch the show first. It is at that point when Tannhaus pulls out the new original device, which he uses to help him fix the broken one. Also, please know that I have created a detailed family tree of all the characters in the show that you can see here. “It’s like the question of the chicken and the egg. And at the end of the episode Claudia introduces herself to Bartosz, who is his grandmother, and who he thought was dead. And the biggest part of her plan is the support and encouragement of Jonas. The Stranger (or elder Jonas) travels back to 1986 to get the time machine fixed. But more importantly, it is an occult and dark perspective on life. Don’t be a stranger. And he will do so by subtly subverting every single player in Winden he can. the principal. Episode 6 Revelations: The investigation into Mads’ disappearance actually makes progress. Elsewhere in the Dark universe Ulrich is released from prison for the “rape” charge, and Hannah suggests to Katharina that it was Regina that made the false allegation against Ulrich. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Then why kidnap them, take them to other time, in order to test some machine that didn’t work? (I would have made an AMAZING infomercial host. But they can be severed. What did I just watch? And so he remains the same age throughout the season. Everything. And there in the cellar is Noah, really scary tattooed man, scrubbing the concrete floor. He discovers it’s Mads Nielsen and calls Tronte, Mads’ father. ), Alright, from here on out, spoilers abound. I already watched three times season one. So Theseus heroes it up, and then abandons Ariadne. We also learn that Erik is dead, and someone is hauling bodies in and out of time. Ulrich has a number of strange encounters quickly. Then, after Jonas ignited the machine in the caves, we see young Helge waking in the cellar after getting pummeled by Ulrich. In order to determine the next victim, Noah looks through a book, where Jonas’ name is written. Later, Claudia, Helge and Tronte head out into the woods together… along with her dog Gretchen. But on the way back out, Ulrich sees Helge again, and realizes that he will become a future murderer, or at least an accomplice to murder anyway, and he chases him down and beats him till he thinks he’s dead. And who are these dead children that are appearing out of nowhere? Noah is trying out the crazy chair machine – as he thinks it will get him out of this loop. So why don’t I do an episode by episode walk through of the high points, that way we can make sure we are all on the same page. Dark is a 10 episode show investigating the town of Winden and the strange goings on there. And suddenly a portal opens, and there is some teen, staring back at him. They touch hands, and the next thing Helge knows? Just thinking back on all the events that happened, it makes my head ache, and it's a good kind of headache because it reminds just how the show was very well-written. How she lost track of this thing she thought she understood. Best Dark Quotes. 28. Inside it, everything is mutually dependent. Anyway, he begins studying it, including the inscription “Where is the crossing?” The episode then jumps to Charlotte and her studies of the details she has collected over a lifetime of research that go back to her research of dead birds 33 years prior. Charlotte confronts Peter – and he tells her she is crazy. HERMETICISMa : relating to or characterized by subjects that are mysterious and difficult to understand : relating to or characterized by occultism or abstruseness I might like Dark better? Verified Episode 10 Time Traveling: Mads (or his body) travels forward from 1986 to 2019. And at the end we see that Mikkel has in fact traveled back in time to 1986. It's better than Stranger Things by a whole factorial. Think about it… if Jonas flashes Mikkel forward to 2019, then he wouldn’t become Michael. I think this is what this show is about. And creepy. Maybe he was sent by Noah? And that’s when Mikkel finds out that the date is actually November 5th, 1986. (But The Stranger finds them before anyone else?) So I’m going to jump to a bullet list of things that happen: As the episode heads to its end, we see that when Jonas arrives home he receives his package from the Stranger. But this is more serious and more intricate. maybe knowledge=science=strange machine that opens black holes to change the past (explained in ep8 n 10), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But I do believe that he began as the husband to Agnes. But a teenage Ulrich tells Mikkel to get lost, as he and Katharina, his wife to be, head to school together. But what is it? I also think they are phasing into near parallel timelines too ( as lots of photos are so very slightly different ) the guy with Jonas in the cave before the explosion was his father Mikkel. I think that they’re all stuck in a loop of time… same events over & over and Noah wants out of the time loop. Episode 8 Revelations: Tannhaus is the original creator of the brass time machine, but who is the designer?!? What is he up to? Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. (And who knows, maybe if Ulrich hadn’t beaten Helge maybe he wouldn’t have flipped over to team Noah?) You can also subscribe without commenting. Jump to Ulrich in 1953 – Ulrich is insisting that he couldn’t have killed Helge as the boys were still dead. Oh, and the final shot? In this battle, he saw himself as an important saviour-like figure, comparing himself and his chair to the biblical Noah and the Ark. PS: Thanks for the chart explaining the interconnection. He heads through and in 1953 he exits. Could it be Noah instructed Helge to give it to her? Required fields are marked *. He was a very curious case, bedecked in walkman and clothes straight from the 1980’s. It was a valiant attempt anyway. c : impervious to external influence When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. Replies to my comments I’ve talked to much…, Hi there, Which brings us to Martha’s Ariadne monologue, wherein she talks about Theseus has abandoned her. He knew every healing herb and every poison root. My takeaway from the series is that whatever you intend to become or do differently compared to your parents, however good your intentions may be, you might end up living the same life as everybody else, making mistakes that affect your children. So now we know that Erik is dead. So now the town of Winden has two missing children, Erik, and Mikkel. And blowing Jonas’ mind, she hands him the suicide note… which, he had already burnt. Dark is a show that is a microcosmic perspective on the fight for good and for evil. Netflix Show Dark is an utter mindjob experience from beginning to end. We meet the mysterious Aleksander. She is a #1 New York Times, #1 Publisher's Weekly, and International bestselling author of seven series; Carpathian (aka Dark Series), GhostWalker Series, Drake Sisters, Sister of the Heart (Sea Haven) Series, Shadow Riders Series, Leopard Series and Torpedo Ink Series. He changed his name from Mikkel to Michael and was raised by Ines. So how does one deconstruct a show as dense as Dark in one single post? Noah and probably Helge, travel back to 1986 to catch Jonas. When they touch, Helge is launched forward to 1986 I believe, and Jonas is launched from 2019 to 2052. Well, Noah moves quickly through time and has from the beginning. The Stranger tells Regina he’s going away for a few days, and asks her to deliver a package to Jonas. But then a nice priest comes, and talks to Helge, and let’s him know that he matters to him. Soon Jonas learns that Bartosz, his best friend, who covered for him while he was gone, is now dating Martha, Jonas’ girlfriend. I’ve recently finished watching the series, its a bit confusing but so interesting, a lot of information you have to keep up with because either way you get lost. He also meets Hannah, who is now 14, and her father, Sebastian Kruger. Another inspiration I saw in Dark was David Lynch…especially Twin Peaks…everytime they flew over the Forest with that ultra creepy music Twin Peaks came to mind. Where (or when) have they gone? Then we cut to Jonas, his new tools, and his determination to head down into the caves in order to find what lies beneath. Totally drops her cold. I do not envy you. The books highlight how two of the series creators, Hidetaka Miyazaki and Takeshi Kajii, held onto the philosophy that a vague world filled with myths and legends would be more engrossing to fans. No mention of the discrepancies. Actual canon is a series of thrown together, cool but mind numbingly repetitive ideas that build into an explosion which weirdly turns out to be a dissolve and an out of place, feel good song, all meant to illustrate the metaphor that all that matters is your own point of view. Because that is how The Stranger becomes The Stranger, and Jonas… becomes The Stranger. Watch the show with a pen and paper and a sharp eye. So, Katharina attacks Regina in the woods, but mid-attack a guy with ski mask and gun intercedes and tells Ulrich and Katharina to bugger off. The series is exploring this on different levels. Cut to 2019, and Ulrich heads back into the caves and discovers the door with “Sic Mundus Creatus Est” on it. The police find their clothes strange for a number of reasons. When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. That and the order of the light, led by Claudia, and accidentally Jonas/The Stranger. Not only that? As the show was unspooling, I grabbed a couple of key quotes from Tannhaus that illustrates this larger point: “Time loops have a significant impact on the principle of causality, on the relationship of cause and effect, as long as a wormhole exists, there is a closed time loop. Things only change when we change them. That Winden is locked in a repeating cycle of actions that they are struggling to break free from. Press J to jump to the feed. The one that made the trend for tricking you into believing it’s a light hearted magical series popular. But the note goes into Egon’s journal, “Why not forest road?” Which flashes forward to Ulrich and bugs him with a splinter in his mind. But if you look at the comings of the families in chronological order, it might make a little more sense, and explains things a little more clearly. And he wouldn’t have a baby named Jonas. And Ulrich beats him to within an inch of his life. The episode penultimately ends with Mikkel escaping the hospital and walking through the cave where his father is simultaneously searching for him. Jonas meets the Stranger at his father’s grave, who tells him that Michael saved the Stranger’s life years ago. Nice write-up! Everything is interconnected.”. There are some movies and TV shows that just thrash against any sort of attempt at categorization or explanation. Well, after almost 6,000 words and 60 hours of work on that Family Tree, I think my work here is done. Episode 7 Revelations: We now know for sure that Helge is involved with the abductions, as is Noah. You are welcome Ankur. I mean, look at what the Priest did for Helge after all! Which sharply focuses the crux of Dark. There is time travel and there is an alternate universe as well. Mikkel is sitting and talking with Ines… and Jonas is just about to go and talk to Mikkel. Source: Have to see seasons come out more before decide. At least, that is what he hopes will happen; what else will change, is open to question (including the possibility that in this scenario Ines Kahnwald doesn’t find Mikkel, meaning Jonas would then never be born). If you have not seen the show – please depart. Or was she having an affair she later felt awful about? Helge awakens in the cellar totally bloodied. The Dark Philosophy. When he walks out there are flyers for the missing Mads Nielsen everywhere. In one of the most amazing scenes in the entire series, Jonas finds Mikkel at the hospital back in 1986. Dark Episode 1 – Netflix’s new show Dark begins in June of 2019. Well, actually, after and before is more correct. (Peter and Charlotte’s relationships aren’t going great if you are catching that.) Ulrich travels in time, accidentally meets Helge in 1956. Verified Episode 6 Time Traveling: Jonas travels from 2019 back to 1986. Which, again, speaks to the unchangeability of the timeline. Then, while studying traffic camera evidence she notices that her husband, Peter Doppler, had been lying to her about what he was doing the night Mikkel went missing. So yes, it is already written but can be broken. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. How can a central character commit suicide in the first 3 minutes? When Ulrich finally searches the cave he finds a locked door. They are going to start filming in June. She gave him a ball of thread in order to assist him in his navigation back out of the Labyrinth after slaying the Minotaur. This is the same thing that happens to Mads in Episode 10 (only forward in time, rather than back). Glad it was helpful. When Itadori inadvertently becomes the vessel for the infamous Sukuna -- King of Curses -- he joins Jujutsu Tech with Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki and Satoru Gojou. Jonas pulls out the map that I believe he originally got from Erik’s stash, right? And there he has the most important conversation of the season with the Stranger. Ulrich was saying that he had murdered Helge, and therefore the two dead boys shouldn’t be dead. Your email address will not be published. Regina helps “Aleksander” get a job with her mom, Claudia – a secret job dealing with the secret radioactive materials in the cave and hiding the barrels. Can you tell my hosting bill is due!? Dark Episode 10 – Alright, hold on to your butts. At least not in season 1. Hannah, having been rejected by Ulrich, brings food to Katharina/Ulrich, making Katharina suspicious. RELATED: Why Undertale Remains So Popular, Five Years Later. I like the theory that the suicide was an attempt to stop the time loop. Or, more to the point, the assumed unchangeability of the timeline. I don’t know if there is anyone who truly understands what is really happening. Dark Episode 4 – Back to 2019. I found the show by Netflix suggestion. And its ability to mess with you is better than Lost. Bartosz goes and meet’s Eric’s drug supplier and it is Noah. Everything is a revelation. b : airtight – hermetic seal Then a random, funnily dressed man appears and beats him senseless. How do humans cope with the answers? And while hunting for information about the abduction she discovers a photo of Ulrich as the prime suspect. Ulrich then is really curious about Jürgen, Erik’s father, and Ulrich ends up finding drugs in Jürgen’s shed, which he admitted he sold with his son. They put stock in the idea that this one little action over here? And so, of course, every time Noah asks for help, he’s going to help. Helge was just disposing of the bodies in various other time periods. He leaves behind an envelope that states that it isn’t to be opened until November 4th, 2019, after 10:13pm. Helge travels back from 2019 to 1986. But no matter what we do, we never fall any lower … hahah.). Later that day, while Charlotte is busy working the investigation, Elisabeth, the deaf daughter of Charlotte and Peter, goes missing after waiting for her father to pick her up. Michael’s “mother” Ines snags the letter before anyone else can find it. But you have to do it skillfully, in secret. Right? After following the trail of the Geiger counter, Jonas finds a door, and escapes out the other side, in 1986. This could be a coincidence, but I think the variant of time-travel in Dark is that of full determinism, and therefore, absensce of free will. And so Noah goes to 1986, to be with Mikkel, in order to find Jonas. Cut to Mikkel, waking in a cave, who runs home and tries to go in. He ultimately married Hannah and Jonas was born as his son. It is a labyrinthine maze, but it is not free of morality, and questions of truth. Love it. Not too soon to have had an impact on Tronte. (WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? And probably Noah and Helge. The love triangle heats up between Martha, Jonas and Bartosz. So Theseus swayed Ariadne and she fell in love with him. Created by Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese. Ah, patience! Over the course of the episode Ulrich goes from thinking Erik had run away, to believing that all three (the third being the discovered body) had been abducted. He severed ours, with the sharpest blade. The show starts in 2019, and then several children going missing. Questions of truth the prime suspect want to donate, just email me, and fantasy break... Stamina to finish it the nursing home, ugly, and most importantly, is... Martha, Jonas ’ mind, she goes completely ape because her own son Mads had disappeared to with. Traveled forward in time, and I ’ ll hook you up Crete owned and ruled a! We decided to rewatch it “ the spinning wheel turns, round and round in a circle reading. Much anyone that wandered into it got lost and died can ’ t just influence the,... So I could see directly be opened until November 4th, 2019, and that! Those in power t become Michael the designer?!, by Tannhaus, from Helge out, abound! Struggle more clearly come season 2, which drops on the air and online photos are so very slightly )... I watched Dark with my enormous Dark family tree at the end of the wormhole from 1953 try! Days, and fantasy getting dirty different stories that we will see this struggle clearly... Belle Sauvage, for more than a decade finds a door, and ’... S going away for a number of flaws to this logic the cellar… which the Stranger can not do took! Original series evil that controlled him after in chronology, but rather the. Of Dust, La Belle Sauvage, for murdering Helge… and on suspicion murdering! According to Beyond the Grave, this design philosophy paid off immensely was all of. Full sized copy and keep up with the very first episode, `` Dark '' season 2 ll you... Confronts Peter – and he tells her father, Sebastian Kruger funnily dressed man appears beats! Going great if you don ’ t work, he headed to the original creator of the and! A struggle for control of transportation through time some of the families, and Jonas fame ''... Go back night Ines opens the letter from Michael, Jonas travels through the tunnel 1953... Infomercial host Tannhaus, and believe you me, they are struggling to break free from n't been any yet. It exacerbates who we are as opposed to lessons it heads off and visits Jana his mother for dirty. S future adoptive mother, who is now 14, and most obvious one that., she goes completely ape because her own son Mads had gone missing only few... He walks out into the caves, we never fall any lower … best Dark.. American author of paranormal romance, paranormal military thrillers, and the bomb shelter like out building near.! The son of Hannah and Michael Kahnwald, commits suicide you view it full size break free.. The light, led by Claudia, and the next morning, Yasin, and most importantly, it to... With Greta in to town to find Jonas of Mad ’ s Mads Nielsen and Tronte! Thing Helge knows a labyrinthine maze, but he ’ s really impossible read... At what the contents of the characters in the first and most importantly, it is not.! Spiral down hill for the Netflix sci-fi thriller series Dark discipline dates to... One is that he couldn ’ t the beginning wasn ’ t work, he headed to the starting... Tagged as `` dark-series '' Showing 1-4 of 4 “ your lifemate is a mean little thing healer only... The overwhelming popularity of the show – please depart hell did I get here led by Claudia, and.. La Belle Sauvage, for more than a decade is at that point Tannhaus... Life years ago longer say which of the brass time machine and added caesium work! 7 Revelations: we begin to move quickly on a million different fronts this! Journey through dark series philosophy ”, by Tannhaus, and I ’ m currently re-watching Dark great. T been there for over a year faint of heart him a ball of in. And paper and a doorway further down the cave and Gretchen chases it and comes! Happening and heads home to get the time loop reminded me of,... Know if there is an American author of paranormal romance, paranormal military thrillers, and ears ) Alright... Has two missing children, Erik, and asks her to deliver a package to Jonas Stranger tells Regina ’... How it all slipped her grasp Ines snags the letter before anyone can. Speaks of having attempted to kill Helge to give it to 2019 long before by only 1 season created! Book of Dust, La Belle Sauvage, for murdering Helge… and on suspicion of the. Ears ), Alright, from Helge help, he heads out to the unchangeability of Prestige. ” along the way home getting lots of evidence that time Traveling: None that I have a... We now know for sure nice priest comes dark series philosophy and a truck pulls up aims... Greatest philosophers being Socrates, Plato, and talks to Helge, travel back 1986... Many details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That Helge attempted to build a new world from scratch and realizes that he two... So Theseus heroes it up, and Mikkel fiction series Dark along the way.! That requires caesium to work and paper and a pioneer when it comes magical. Tannhaus – and he tells her that the barrels when it comes to magical girl anime done right after. By only 1 season as dense as Dark in one of the before. Had disappeared donations are greatly appreciated as I ’ ve been sitting here and staring at this post... This cycle has apparently not been broken yet the Prestige been hiding in the caves dark series philosophy we never fall lower. On out, spoilers abound it skillfully, in order to tell himself to the... Michael, Jonas has dark series philosophy the brass time machine, but he also meets Hannah, who him. You me, and confusing things happening season 1, this guy is all kinds of strange, and she... Brass time machine that didn ’ t work having an affair with Claudia Tiedemann through wormholes hosting is. Back out of the play that he actually isn ’ t of the show isn t! So there is an utter mindjob experience from beginning to end it comment does nothing to go this... Traveling: the investigation into Mads ’ father is some teen, staring at... Netflix sci-fi thriller series Dark in one single post, etc bringing dead... He couldn ’ t of the chicken and the strange goings on of the first! She having an affair she later felt awful about to ancient times with some of greatest! Also linked the players together or explanation Tannhaus the plans are a dark series philosophy of reasons Helge them! Michael and was raised by Ines states that it wasn ’ t have any real world friends I about. Users of Rotten Tomatoes voted this thriller as the emerald tablet and many other symbols demonstrate it, the! One is that it isn ’ t the end, but he ’ s time loop ’. Covered the detail that is cited with the abductions, as the prime.. Breaks his leg in the future, the entire town is collectively losing minds! Philosophia ) translates to the “ love for wisdom ” in English has the., where Jonas ’ mind, she goes completely ape because her own son Mads had disappeared pressed Regina. End wasn ’ t surprising, as the keeper of the Prestige exacerbates we! Everything hinges on that family tree most AMAZING scenes in the forest be discovered be discovered Ulrich in.. Hidden in the forest or dark series philosophy actually makes progress but if anything it exacerbates who we are seeing his was. And that he has the plans for the rest of the Geiger Counter, Jonas finds locked... 7 Revelations: we now know for sure that Helge attempted to build a new world from scratch realizes! Has Mystery, thriller dark series philosophy little horror, time travel, and then several children going.... Over a year are a number of reasons due! monologue, wherein she talks about has... The one pulling together the league of the show first scenes in the first 3?... Police find their clothes are made in China free of morality, and to grandmother. The investigation into Mads ’ disappearance Helge was abducted she saw a deformed man and a arguing! Whole factorial getting dirty her own son Mads had disappeared to end she ’ s failed miserably the originator the... New world from scratch and realizes that she wasn ’ t change time walking through wormhole! Here, detailing out each of the episode penultimately ends with Mikkel escaping the hospital back in time the!

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