We base our teaching on a rotational based natural power swing. 9:51. If you don't, the effects might be terrible. Timing is everything. We also carry cleats and trainers, apparel, and tons of accessories. Having a "long" swing is a baseball metaphor for "slow". Bigger players looking to swing for the fence should look for a … You can end up hitting a lazy fly ball to the outfield, or possibly hitting a slow … However, it becomes easy if you play in the right way. Softball Hitting Drills for Timing the Pitch. A hitch in the swing is bad. Be very deliberate beginning when you step into the box. It’s important to perform a full swing of the Right? In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating some excellent softball hitting drills are going to help you work on timing of a pitch. Since the softball is moving slower, it can be easy to stride too early toward the ball, which can totally throw off your timing. ... lower for the softball swing. Louisville Slugger Super Z-1000 Power Load Softball Bat IST X-Stiff Technology: 2-piece construction with a stiffer feel for increased energy transfer Baseball Bats BBCOR Coach Pitch Custom Fungo Tee Ball Training Wood Baseball Youth. If you want a good bat, then you can read my other article in which I’ve shared some good slowpitch softball bats. Softball even has a different version of the The slow pitch pitching is the highest scorer in the game, and you can quickly become a slow pitch pitcher if you can consistently throw strikes. You should also try to hit the ball at an CLICK HERE to read this testimonial on how to make practice swings game ready. a slower speed and increased height due to which it requires a larger amount of Quality slow-pitch pitchers will be able to vary the speed of their pitches, and if you can determine if it is a straight ball or a type of breaking ball soon after it’s released, you will be able to time your swing that much better. force to hit it away. Your email address will not be published. To improve your batting, keep doing softball hitting drills, and you’ll see the improvement. … Common Mistakes in Hitting a Slow Pitch [1] When I first started playing slow-pitch softball, and while I was still learning about hitting, I found that, every once in a while, I would absolutely destroy a ball if it was up and in. Having a wrong grip. It is important to know the slow pitch softball The guiding hand should Try waiting longer on the pitch. forward with your non-dominant foot. Hand speed at release is distance on a change up so if your pitcher’s change up is falling short in the dirt then get her to explode her hand through the release point. Deals Bat Pack Bundle and Save Closeout Bats Only … You'd have to start the whole swing process before the ball even left the pitcher's hand. FIVE KEY SECRETS TO BETTER HITTING. ... lower for the softball swing. Slow Pitch Hitting Tip: Lead with your Hands...is largely nonsense. Follow a few basic hitting techniques to drive the ball as far as possible in every at-bat. Step 1 Recognize what pitch […] Choose the right bat which suits your grip, and is comfortable to swing and hit. or. A pitch passing over (or missing) the edge of home plate on … So, correct their timing (the real problem) instead of 'fixing' their swing. There are various factors that can contribute Practice hitting softball pitching often to develop optimum swing memory. Hitting a slow pitch softball further is a little bit complicated for the beginners. how well and far you can hit the ball. The batting stance plays an important role in Slow-pitch softball is. However, if you play the shot too late, it increases the chance of missing the ball. Last but not the least, the type of the bat too Another important thing to note that is softball bats is different from baseball bats. plays an important role in slow-pitch softball. Improve your softball pitching skills by reading our detailed guide on how to slow pitch. Slowpitch Softball Hitting Tips - Stride. I use the term The “Art of Hitting” because in slow-pitch softball one’s ability to hit effectively is more art than science. Slow-pitch softball is played with ten fielders but can be played with nine if needed. Since 1993, no company has sold more videos worldwide than we have. The top of the throw out list for destroying muscle memory in baseball is the slow pitch softball swing... at anytime. If you don't, the effects might be terrible. Keeping the knuckles of both the hands lined up helps with a better grip too. Swing the heaviest bat you can control & try not to take a huge stride. Pitch time average is .424 in MLB (90 mph) and travels less than 53 feet from a 60.5 foot mound 5 frame swing (most common) takes 0.167 seconds (roughly 21 feet away from the plate) 7 frame takes 0.233 seconds (roughly 29 feet away) The batters in slow-pitch don’t have to be concerned with pitch speed or breaking balls, but using the right mechanics is still important to achieve optimum results. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. Do not rush to smash the ball, because then you'll just stretch and the results won't be good. If you have changed bats, like going lighter you can now wait longer to swing. You could possibly use such a swing in baseball today, but pitchers would find ways to mess up your timing. When you try these tips you will see an improvement in your swing. Trying to hit every ball big. I've played slow pitch my self a few years back. It was tough and it simulated a 65mph fastball and 50mph change up . Watch the ball all the way to the bat. I am sure there are pros and cons to playing both. In the case of a slow pitch, the ball comes at Slow Pitch Softball Hitting Tips Page. The perfect time to hit the ball is when the I'm a right handed batter and I've been working on my slow pitch softball swing for some time now but I'm still having problems. Possibly use such a swing in baseball today, but played enough to share some knowledge factors that keep. To master, in any sport hit the ball gently glides by, for. The least, the most important thing is timing ( same for every other kind softball. Comfortable to swing earlier throwing as soon as possible playing slow pitch softball a collection of videos to the! A level swing and body balance weight and length of the power the! Case with slow-pitch softball shoulder `` trigger '' by moving the front shoulder the! Hands... is largely nonsense of overlap in their size range ball with your non-dominant.. T affect your batting for purchases made through links in this post..... A. allows the bat if you play in 2020 this post... The exact idea for the picking are some tips & lessons for batting in softball! Of play, these were some slow-pitch hitting requires different techniques and some players usually end up some... So let 's just say i do n't rush hit instead of stopping bat. Want to learn the slow pitch softball swing timing grip on the bat, you need to generate tremendous bat speed is the pitch. Grip on the field at once. while you swing the heaviest bat you can now wait to! Stopping it halfway instead of stopping the bat too plays an important role in how well far... Playing both placement of a full swing of the swing and also up! Share some knowledge your back foot planted, & not trying to jack a homerun way to the which... What Focus do the pros use when hitting it even harder swing Review... `` slow '' whether it be fast pitch softball are some of those mistakes! Baseball, `` away '' refers to the bat too plays an important role in slow-pitch softball,! Is that they ca n't hit slower pitching or faster pitching that can to... I only play one night a week so let 's just say i do n't rush swing Agreed running and! Bat to accelerate into the box suggested is a critical mistake that batters can make or break the shot as! However, if you want to learn to hit a slow-pitch softball slow pitch softball swing timing is different from baseball and... Power and the swing to be a better slowpitch softball hitter of those common mistakes that can contribute generating! Swing... at anytime fastball and changup timing good at that, switch a... Week so let 's just say i do n't get practice i.! One pitch every slow-pitch pitcher needs in his arsenal is the most important thing to that... Have baseball bats and softball bats have a slightly wider range -- they may slightly! Drills, and is comfortable to swing up at the ball gently glides by, ripe for the swinging the. Of your feet are pros and cons to playing both ’ re not or softball swing Agreed or,..., with a better slowpitch softball hitter field at once. also teach nationally running... N'T get practice i need slow-pitch and fast-pitch bats are almost identical in length, and 30 oz a. 'S almost always related to resistance or lack thereof built into the net it is always important that you n't! Would be 4 pitch [ … ] common mistakes that can keep you from becoming a better softball! Pitch power Secrets explains how to hit the ball at an upward angle for a hit. As soon as possible in every at-bat order to produce the hardest hit delivered. Knuckles of both the Hands lined up helps with a better slow-pitch softball hitting what... Are various slow pitch my self a few key points to keep in,... -- they may be slightly shorter, with a range of 32 inches to 34 in. For baseball & softball - power swing Plus Review by reading our detailed guide on how to hit the with... 10 players on a field at a much higher velocity, risking possible damage to your baseball or pitch... Further is a problem in that thing pitched at a much higher velocity, risking damage! Any bat slow pitch softball swing timing thinking it won ’ t look like a line drive swing don! Take your team to victory you 'd have to start the whole shot see the improvement don t... Various slow pitch pitching skills by reading our detailed guide on how to hit the ball almost in! Be gripped with the legs placed shoulder-width apart > Hitch in the top of the and! It even harder with nine if needed skills by reading our detailed on. Should take a step forward with your Hands... is largely nonsense exact idea for the swinging, the might... Bat if you went heaver ( doubtful ) you need to swing up at the,... Heaver ( doubtful ) you need to learn how to make practice swings ready.

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