To indicate this, you may choose to write: Character name, day [1], outfit [1]. When a screenwriter goes through and does X amount of edits over a few months or years, in many cases, things fall through the cracks and get forgotten. There are a variety of options when it comes to scriptwriting and production software. The shooting schedule will be missing scenes, and the film budget will be off. When taking a film from conception to production, one of the most integral steps to having a smooth-running set for film and television is the script breakdown summary - also known as a script breakdown report. Once you get the script breakdowns done, organize your stripboard (production board) into a schedule. This will help you get a more accurate time frame and breakdown of what needs to be in the scene; special lighting, microphones, instruments, crowd size, speakers, amps, etc. If you don't have the patience to sit and do them well, hire it out. Now all you need to do now is painstakingly go through it piece by piece to get it ready for production. Comments can be an excellent place to add your thoughts on how you arrived at certain conclusions. When the